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While Big Bear works, Little Bear patiently plays his bear games all by himself. What he really wants, though, is for Big Bear to play with him. Will his wish ever come true?

You and Me, Little Bear Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 2 in the Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? Series. See all Can't You Sleep, Little Bear? books here.

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30th August '17
I read it to Munchkins aged 2 to 3
You and Me, Little Bear 9781844284948
5 stars
What a delightful book. Little bear wants to play but big bear is very busy doing jobs. Little bear helps for a while but eventually has to go off and play alone until big bear has finished all his jobs. 
This book is fab for teaching children that sometimes grown ups have other things to do besides playing and having fun. I love the illustrations in the book too. 
5th January '17
I read it to RCHogan aged 2 aged 2 & to AIHogan aged 1 aged 1
You and Me, Little Bear 9781844284948
5 stars
This is another lovely story about Big Bear and Little Bear. Little Bear wants to play but Big Bear has lots of jobs to do: so he gives Little Bear something to do to help and they complete the jobs together. Finally Little Bear has enough of jobs and he is sent to play his Bear Games while Big Bear finishes the jobs. Eventually they are all done and they are able to play together.

It brilliantly mimics all parents and child relationships; the constant battle between doing the jobs you need to and spending time just enjoying being with your child. It's a great way to help explain the scenario little ones ; made especially endearing when Big Bear falls asleep watching Little Bear play, following all that work.

The text is simple and the story is fairly short; the illustrations are gorgeous and complement the story beautifully. It makes it easy to explain to your child what you're saying by drawing attention to picture. My toddlers especially love the pictures of Little Bear playing his Bear Games and sometimes try to copy him!

I really like this book for reading together snuggled up; it always makes me feel sentimental. I highly recommend it.
16th August '16
I read it to SophieKelly aged 3 aged 3
You and Me, Little Bear 9781844284948
5 stars
Little bear just wants to play, but big bear has jobs to do... so little bear has to entertain himself for a bit.... until the pair can play together at the end. So good book for a toddler that needs to understand that you cannot play with them all of the time (much as you would like to !)
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