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Ogden the Ogre was worried one night.
"My jim-jams have grown far too short and too tight!
How has my tum got so terribly wide?
I only eat twelve meals a day," Ogden sighed.
The people said, "Jim-jams too tight and too short?
Overweight ogres should take up a sport!"
So Ogden does take up a sport - and he does it with gusto! But finding the perfect sport for a big, bumbling ogre isn't quite as simple as it may seem.

The Yoga Ogre Reviews | Toppsta


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11th October '17
I read it to Maimai aged 6 aged 6 & to Rosiely aged 2 aged 2
The Yoga Ogre 9781847389039
5 stars
This book was originally picked and bought for Maia, lyla-roses older sister and she loved it but lyla-rose is obsessed.
She knows it inside out upside down back to front and sideways. She often quotes it randomly in the day if she here's similar words or phrases! 
It rhymes all the way though and has funny consequences to all of his actions to loose weight. 
We read it every night and take it everywhere we go away to. She finishes the story with a kiss for Ogden and a kiss back from him to her! 
Great book
9th May '16
I read it to Fifi aged 4 aged 4
The Yoga Ogre 9781847389039
4 stars
Eleanor picked this book up and insisted we buy it! The cover illustration of a big fat ogre (which looked like mummy apparently!) was enough to suck Eleanor into wanting to read the book. So home it came.
Written by Peter Bently and Simon Rickerty this wonderfully illustrated book has been a bedtime hit in our house for the last 4 nights. It starts off with Ogden feeling the pinch in his jim jams. He decides it's time for him to get out and try to exercise a little as he's eating far to many pies.
The rhyming text carries you through a lovely jolly story about how Ogden tries several forms of exercise but due to his 'large' size doesn't get on very well with them. Eventually he finds a form of exercise that he enjoys! But do his friends?!
A lovely colourful book with a nice easy story.
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About Peter Bently

Peter Bently (Author)
Peter studied languages at Oxford and has two young children. He is the author of the bestselling Lark in the Ark (shortlisted for Red House Book Award) and the hilarious The Great Bottom Swa p (rated 5 stars on Mumsnet). He recently won the American Library Association Notable Book of the year w...

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About Simon Rickerty

Andy Cullen is both a playwright and novelist, and has won several awards for his work. He also writes screenplays for films, and his recent short story, 'The Six Day War' won the London Writers' Award. He lives in London with his wife and two daughters. This is his first book fo...

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