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It's the first snowfall of winter and the little girl in this story is filled with that sense of wonder we all experience when the world turns white. She builds a snowman and gives him a twig smile so that they may share a moment of happiness and know the promise of a friendship that will be renewed each year.
Told through a simple narrative and with stunning illustrations, this is a book that focuses on the bonds of love and friendship and the pleasure we can give to each other with just a smile: messages that are perfect for the Christmas season.

You Make Me Smile Reviews | Toppsta


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15th August '17
I read it to Mi C aged 4 aged 4 & to J C aged 1 aged 1
You Make Me Smile 9780192794741
5 stars
Really lovely book. 
The character is this book is very warm, loving and easy to connect with.
For all children.

Read this to my 4 and 1 year old - both thoroughly enjoyed it. 4 year oldasked some lovely questions during and after the book.

About a little girl on a snowy winters day. She builds herself a snowman friend and makes him smile, has her photo taken with him and hopes to meet (make) him again on another winters day after the seasons have made their way back round to winter again.

Highly recommended 
15th January '17
I read it to Little Boo aged 2 aged 2 & to Baby E aged 11 months aged 0
You Make Me Smile 9780192794741
4 stars
We read this book together however it is more suited to a toddler than a baby. My toddler really enjoyed the snow and snowman theme as it's something that she is just discovering. The story is simple and the pages are easy to look at and pretty.
31st March '16
I read it to AvaW aged 2 aged 2
You Make Me Smile 9780192794741
3 stars
A book about the magic of snow. A little girl has fun in the snow, and makes a new friend. Its a simple book, few words on each page and a short story. My daughter liked the snowman the little girl made, and it got us talking about the snow.
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