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The Very Silly Sheep


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The farmyard animals are brought to life in this playful pop-up book.

The Very Silly Sheep Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 9 in the Peek-a-boo Pop-ups Series. See all Peek-a-boo Pop-ups books here.

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3rd January '17
I read it to RCHogan aged 2 aged 2 & to AIHogan aged 1 aged 1
The Very Silly Sheep 9781848950054
5 stars
This is a beautiful, bold pop-up book about farm-animals, including a hen; a horse; a goose; a sheep; a goat and a dog.

Each double-page spread is devoted to a different animal: there is a big, gorgeously-drawn pop-up animal that takes up most of the page and a 4-line verse about the animal (the first page also includes a 4-line introduction). There are insects on nearly every page to introduce and plenty of opportunity to look at colours together as the pages are so bright and vivid.

The prose is rhyming and consequently a joy to read out loud. The text is short enough to read before the children's attention waivers - as they find the pop-up picture very fascinating! The joy of the pop-up pictures is that the animals come to life and be "active" which gives scope for discussion about what they're doing and you end up telling a small story together outside of the "proper story. It is a very interactive book and gets the kids excited because the animals can move! It hold their attention very thoroughly for the duration of the story. 

I have had to fix pop-ups a few times, after they've fallen victim to my over-enthusiastic toddlers! It's a book that I rarely let them look at independently, purely to reduce the pop-up casualties until they're a bit older and understand that the animals are fairly fragile (as is the nature of pop-up pictures).

I really enjoy pop-up books; it really brings the subject to life for little ones and they're a great novelty to introduce alongside your usual collection. These illustrations ooze a lot of character and are really made the most of by being pop-ups and coming alive.

This is a wonderful book to introduce farm animals and more in a fun, interactive manner. We enjoy it together regularly; I'd highly recommend it.
4th August '17
I read it to BellaC aged 4 aged 4 & to EmilyC aged 1 aged 1
The Very Silly Sheep 9781848950054
5 stars
A lovely bright and colourful pop up book. My daughter loved to see the animals pop up and it's great for teaching her their names and sounds. My eldest daughter also likes to help me read it.
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