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Bou loves the floating library. But - oh no! - his favourite book is missing. Who could have it?

A wonderfully vibrant picture book for young children about two of the best things in life - books and friends!
Bou the red-eared panda wakes up one morning and hears the toot-toot of the floating library. He's excited to go and borrow his favourite book and rushes to the library boat, only to find that his book has already been lent out. He sets off to find whoever has borrowed it so they can share - and in the process makes a fantastic new friend.

With artwork in strong primary colours, and a fun, yet simple storyline, Birdy and Bou is perfect for fans of Maisy by Lucy Cousins.

Introducing a brand new pair of adorable characters to fall in love with from David Bedford and Mandy Stanley , the brilliant partnership behind Roo the Roaring Dinosaur .

This wonderfully vibrant picture book will captivate children ... a brilliant celebration of friendship and of the love of books, perfect for sharing and asking your child about their favourite book(s).' Parents in Touch

Birdy and Bou Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781471146510
  • Pub Date: 22nd February 2018
  • Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
  • Imprint: Simon & Schuster Childrens Books
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 24

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4th April '18
I read it to JasperM555 aged 2 aged 2 & to ArchieM555 aged 10 months aged 0
Birdy and Bou 9781471146510
5 stars
This is a great book for both my boys. My eldest loved the story, but my youngest loves the colours, the vibrancy of each page and the characters. He must sit and look at this book every day!
As my youngest is only 10 months, I dont normally let him have paperbacks (ripping goes against my ocds!) but the pages on this book are so thick and robust it's fantastic to just let him play with it.
I'd definitely recommend this book for all ages, it's a lovely book for a book corner or a short addition to bedtimes 
5th March '18
I read it to Eve's aged 4 aged 4
Birdy and Bou 9781471146510
5 stars
My almost 5 year old daughter loved this book, it’s got such bright pages that really grab your attention and is a lovely story about a panda called Bou who goes to the library to find his favourite book only to find out it’s been given to his friend birdy. Bou hunts for birdy and the book and they end up sharing the book together. 
Would recommend this book for ages 3-6 years. The pages are coated so easily wipeable too. 
5th March '18
I read it to Squirt aged 4 aged 4 & to Squidge aged 1 aged 1
Birdy and Bou 9781471146510
5 stars
Nice bright clear pictures that my 13 month old liked. The story of Bou looking for his favourite book at the library and finding that someone else has taken it is very sweet. It shows him disappointed that he didnt get his book but happy making a new friend in the person who took his book out. My 4 year old liked the simple story and friendly characters. 
16th March '18
I read it to VH17 aged 1 aged 1
Birdy and Bou 9781471146510
5 stars
This is such a fab book for little ones.  Each pages is strong and coated so they are durable and wipe clean meaning little ones can handle a proper book rather than just board books.  The illustrations are really bold and colours bright too.  Added to which, the story about a favourite library book going missing but ending in friendship is a lovely moral for all to enjoy.
24th March '18
I read it to Little lady aged 4 aged 4
Birdy and Bou 9781471146510
5 stars
This book was lovely and the pictures were so colourful, the story is about a little panda call bou and he sees the floating library and wants to read his favourite book but it’s been lent to his friend birdy. Bou goes looking for birdy and once he finds him they share the book together. 
31st August '18
I read it to Nessa aged 2 aged 2 , to Bramble aged 5 aged 5 , to Lilyrose aged 4 aged 4 & to Jax aged 2 aged 2
Birdy and Bou 9781471146510
5 stars
A lovely book with a charming tale. Making friends through a favourite book. Lovely illustrations bright & colourful. All ages sat & listened & loved the story.
13th March '18
I read it to CallieT aged 2 aged 2
Birdy and Bou 9781471146510
4 stars
We enjoyed this book lovely bright illustrations to keep my daughters attention.  A great quick story to read good for toddlers following Bou going to the library to get out their favourite book and then the adventure that happens along the way.
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