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A companion prayer book to the popular and cheerful Tiny Tots Bible, this volume contains sweet, simple, and sincere prayers, inspired by the promises of the Bible. Illustrated by Kay Widdowson with her trademark joyful characters and jam-packed with colours.

Tiny Tots Prayers Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 6 in the Candle Tiny Tots Series. See all Candle Tiny Tots books here.

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Age 3 4

About Lois Rock

Authors and illustrators include Lois Rock, Bob Hartman, Christina Goodings, Mig Holder, Alex Ayliffe, Christina Balit and Helen Cann.

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About Kay Widdowson

Kay Widdowson has been published by Tango and Mammoth as well various educational publishers (OUP) and packagers. Her work has sold in USA, France, Germany, Spain, Holland and Canada.

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