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What is the bravest thing in the world? A brave bear, of course! And who is the best at helping a little bear be brave? His dad, of course!

"Captures the easy rhythms of a sweet father-child connection" New York Times

From the author of Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise and the illustrator of Wild, comes a story of a daddy and a baby bear, on a day that's as hot as hot can be. When Dad Bear says, "I think a pair of hot bears is probably the hottest thing in the world," Little Bear suggests that they go all the way to the river to cool down. But what will happen when Little Bear tries to impress his dad by doing a big jump across the rocks? Told from the perspective of Little Bear and capturing his determination to be big and brave just like his dad, the youngest of readers will rejoice in the gorgeous characterization, the warmth of the storytelling and the deliciously detailed artwork of illustration star, Emily Hughes.

A Brave Bear Reviews | Toppsta


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12th July '16
I read it to IRE aged 4 aged 4 & to TAME aged 2 aged 2
A Brave Bear 9781406351323
5 stars
This beautifully written picture book gently depicts the relationship between a little bear and his Dad. Told from the little bear’s perspective, the story is full of adventure but also great tenderness. Follow the duo as they travel to the river to splash and cool down on a hot day. With grassy parts to cross, bushy parts to push through and rocks to jump from, their journey is far from straightforward. When little bear is decides to show his Dad a big jump, things don’t go according to plan. Little bear no longer wants to go to the river. So his Dad helps him, waits with him and then offers to carry him as they continue on their way. What will the little bear do?

The illustrations perfectly capture the two bears’ expressions and body language. The little bear is bold and determined to show his Dad just what he can do. The Dad although huge, is seen to be gentle and caring. We particularly like the picture when the Dad is scooping the hurt little bear up in his arms. The spectacular landscape images are vast and wild and the orange colours used for the sky radiate a certain warmth. The book literally glows.
6th November '16
I read it to kirafitz aged 3 aged 3
A Brave Bear 9781406351323
5 stars
Excellent book! My daughter who is 3 absolutely loves it. We read it every night and she knows every single word in it. I would definitely recommend it to parents with 2-4 year old children 
19th May '16
I read it to Alicia aged 5 aged 5 & to Marcus aged 3 aged 3
A Brave Bear 9781406351323
5 stars
When my children (5 and 3) saw the new book they were quite excited. The drawings of the Bears are very detailed and simply adorable.

The story is simple enough for both kids to enjoy and includes certain repetitions which my older one loves as it helps her to participate in the reading and guess what is going to be said.

My little one is delighted by the lovely drawings and keeps wanting to cuddle daddy bear.

Great book, it's becoming one of our regulars at bedtime story reading.
15th March '19
I read it to G aged 11 aged 11 & to OA aged 4 aged 4
A Brave Bear 9781406351323
4 stars
We all sat together to read this book...both of my children really loved the illustrations.

Little bear has a great idea to cool off on a very hot day, but the journey there has some hurdles...will little bear and Dad make it safely?

Gorgeous details, unusual muted, matte colours/pages.  Sweet story.
17th May '16
I read it to AvaW aged 2 aged 2
A Brave Bear 9781406351323
4 stars
A nice book about a little bear and his daddy bear, and what they got up to together, making their way down to the river so they can cool off. It was simple, but great for little ones and not too long. A fun story, and little bear and Daddy bear have a lovely relationship.  The characters are likeable and the illustrations my daughter enjoyed looking at. 
2nd October '16
I read it to Soopa aged 2 aged 2
A Brave Bear 9781406351323
3 stars
This book has very sweet illustrations and is a sentimental story about daddy/baby bear's relationship. The story is sweet and simple but not particularly memorable. My daughter liked the pictures of the bears but didn't fully engage with the story. 
25th May '16
I read it to ToyStoryTot aged 3 aged 3 & to TwinkleBubs aged 1 aged 1
A Brave Bear 9781406351323
2 stars
This book is so beautifully illustrated and has a lovely storyline of a child and father bond. I thought it would have been a wonderful read, but for some reason it didn't enthral or inspire my two little people as most stories usually do. 

Neither became engaged with the story and I didn't feel it flowed too well while reading it. My son did remark at how cute the bears looked and said the pictures were pretty. I felt it was perhaps a tad too basic for my 3 year old who likes more complex books or books with rhyme and humour. It had a really lovely sentiment, just a shame that it wasn't a winner with my children. 
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