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Pip and Posy: The New Friend

Pip and Posy: The New Friend Reviews | Toppsta

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Pip and Posy are having a lovely day at the seaside, collecting shells and digging the sand. But when Posy has a nap, Pip makes friends with a boy called Zac who has lots more toys and beach gear. A funny and dramatic story about working out that two's company and three's a... PARTY!

Pip and Posy: The New Friend Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780857636355
  • Pub Date: 27th April 2016
  • Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
  • Imprint: Nosy Crow Ltd
  • Format: Hardback
  • Number of Pages: 32

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This is Book 1 in the Pip and Posy Series. See all Pip and Posy books here.

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20th February '17
I read it to Aaronthecooldude aged 7 aged 7 , to Little Boo aged 2 aged 2 & to Baby E aged 1 aged 1
Pip and Posy: The New Friend 9780857636355
5 stars
All three of my children really enjoy the Pip and Posy series of books. The story of the new friend involves Pip and Posy making a new friend at the beach and how people can feel left out when they are not joining in. It's a great way to explore difficult situations.
20th September '16
I read it to RowanKyle aged 2 aged 2
Pip and Posy: The New Friend 9780857636355
5 stars
We love Pip and Posy, and this one was a hit straight away. This book presents great opportunities to talk about feelings, and the details in the illustrations are just fantastic. A lovely book to read. And re-read.
3rd July '16
I read it to SophieKelly aged 3 aged 3
Pip and Posy: The New Friend 9780857636355
5 stars
Huge fan of the Pip and Posy series - the stories of these two friends explore every day toddler/pre-schooler situations which provoke big emotions in little people ! We'll rattle through the whole collection.... and talk about how we would feel if we were Pip or Posy.

In the New Friend - after playing happily together at the seaside, Posy takes a nap only and wakes to find Pip playing with a new friend Zac. She doesnt like the game they are playing and doesnt join in. The 3 go and buy ice-cream, but a seagull eats Zac's..... Posy offers to buy him a replacement.... and the three friends play a different game that they all want to play. A great book about the dynamics of friendship and changing the plan so that everyone is happy and included
5th April '18
I read it to Madh aged 3 aged 3
Pip and Posy: The New Friend 9780857636355
5 stars
A lovely story to talk about what can be found at the beach and what we do there. Also has a lovely moral of kind gestures and feelings. Beautiful illustrations too! 
29th July '16
I read it myself (an adult) , to IRE aged 4 aged 4 , to TAME aged 2 aged 2 & to PFE aged 8 months aged 0
Pip and Posy: The New Friend 9780857636355
5 stars
The new book “Pip and Posy: The New Friend”, is a great addition to the Pip and Posy series. It is set at the seaside and introduces a new character, Zac. Pip and Posy are happily playing together at the beach, collecting shells, digging in the sand and paddling in the sea. When Posy takes a nap, Pip makes a new friend, Zac. Pip really enjoys his new games with Zac, however, when Posy wakes up, she is feeling rather left out and doesn’t want to join in. As with all these gentle books there is an important lesson to be learned. This makes Axel Scheffler’s series perfect for little ones. All three children enjoyed the story. The illustrations are colourful and the characters are very expressive. The story itself is simple and short (I actually quite like this), however there is so much to talk about on every page.
13th December '16
I read it to darling1 aged 3 aged 3 , to Tascsl1 aged 2 aged 2 & to Edie8 aged 8 aged 8
Pip and Posy: The New Friend 9780857636355
5 stars
A great book to start the conversation about making and sharing friends. It was very appreciated by my granddaughter as she enjoys the Pip and Posy stories. Nicely illustrated. 
27th May '16
I read it to Elias aged 7 aged 7 & to Zebediah aged 5 aged 5
Pip and Posy: The New Friend 9780857636355
5 stars
We are a family of Pip and Posy book lovers.  The new story is long awaited by us! (Although my husband feels rather distressed at the lack of supervising adults in the stories!)  I love looking at the details on the pictures and the story/emotions that Pip and Posy's teddy 'pig' and 'frog' express to you by their facial expressions and body language! 
The storylines are simple, fun but also morally helpful, they promote discussion and are social scenarios pertinent to children under 5.  
We await the further expansion of the Pip, Posy and Zak friendship group!
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