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Join Alfie and Annie Rose for Christmas! Alfie opens his advent calendar and makes cards and presents. He sings carols and decorates the tree. And he writes a special letter to Father Christmas...But what will Father Christmas bring on Christmas Day? It's going to be such an exciting day!

Alfie's Christmas Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 11 in the Alfie Series. See all Alfie books here.


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9th January '17
I read it to RCHogan aged 2 aged 2 & to AIHogan aged 1 aged 1
Alfie's Christmas 9781849416498
5 stars
This is the story of Alfie, Rose and his family as they count down for Christmas. They take part in lots of preparations, such as making the cards, decorating the tree and wrapping the presents. The illustrations are gorgeous - as with every Alfie book. 
This is a heart-warming tale that gets you in the mood for a wonderful family Christmas. We used it as part of our book advent calendar and it went down a treat with our little ones - I think they found the story very relatable so they engaged very enthusiastically with it.
I highly recommend it.
1st October '15
Read to children aged 2 & 7
Alfie's Christmas 9781849416498
5 stars
Great Christmas story enjoyed by all children. Got us all excited about Christmas. The story is about a boy counting down the days till Christmas, decorating the tree, opening the advent calendar and writing his letter to santa.
28th November '16
I read it to Amelie aged 4 aged 4
Alfie's Christmas 9781849416498
5 stars
Another beautiful Alfie book, where this time Alfie and his family are preparing for Christmas.  With tree buying, decoration making, present wrapping and all the fun the family have counting down to the big day!  Then all the fun of Christmas day with family, presents and adventures.
This book is full of the magic of an Alfie book which leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy. A beautiful book.
21st November '18
I read it to Ellie14 aged 4 aged 4 , to Rooroo aged 2 aged 2 & to Flic aged 1 aged 1
Alfie's Christmas 9781849416498
5 stars
This is a firm favorite with the grandchildren with great illustrations and a fabulous author. 
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