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THINKER: My Puppy Poet and Me


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Seven-year-old Jace and his puppy Thinker are poets, putting everything they do into verse, from going to the park and philosophising to playing ball. One day they'll have the whole world figured out. For now, though, Thinker has to keep quiet in public, and he can't go to school with Jace - he might recite a poem, and then Jace's friends will say he's weird. But when Pets' Day comes, and Thinker is allowed into the classroom at last, he finds it harder than he expected to keep his rhyming skills a secret.

"Eloise Greenfield's poems in `Thinker' dance joyfully upon the page as they inspire confidence and authenticity in readers old and young. These are poems about love, belonging, and the rewards of sharing our gifts with the world - all brought to life by the delicately rich artwork of Ehsan Abdollahi." Victoria Adukwei Bulley, National Poetry Day Ambassador

THINKER: My Puppy Poet and Me Reviews | Toppsta


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22nd January '19
MJ1958 read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
THINKER: My Puppy Poet and Me 9781910328330
5 stars
I think this book is good because as Thinker gets to know his new family, we get to know about them and that they are all different. It has lots of sweet poems that children would really like. If I were like one of the characters in this book, such as Thinker, I would be very glad that someone is representing me as an intelligent character, I mean who would think of a puppy who can make up poems!. The poems show that everyday life can be interesting and exciting. I mostly think that it is quite a long book for younger children to read themselves but if an older person were to read this book to them then I think that they would want to read this book all the time and it could become a real favourite.
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