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An atmospheric, enchanting story, skillfully drawn by exciting new talent, Fiona Woodcock about a little girl with an amazing gift for concealing herself.

and her friends LOVE to play hide and seek .
The trouble is, Heidi always win. She can't help it - she's just too good !
But sometimes being hard to find can be hard to take, so Heidi needs to come up with a plan... `Playful imagery and Heidi's eventual recognition of her friends' talents add up to a warm story about compromise and common ground' Publishers Weekly
`A very attractive addition to the picture book shelves from an artist to be watched' Books for Keeps PRAISE FOR POPPY AND THE BLOOMS :
`Fiona Woodcock's beautiful illustrations perfectly capture the contrast between a grey cityscape and the joyful kaleidoscope that fresh flowers can add... This gentle little story is a delight from start to finish' Books for Keeps
`A beautifully illustrated picture book which feels like a real visual treat... The artwork is stunning and very original and I think this makes it stand out as an interesting read for small children.' Being Mummy blog
`Blooming wonderful!' Red Reading Hub

Hiding Heidi Reviews | Toppsta


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28th August '16
I read it to holliepskelton aged 6 aged 6 & to benafskelton aged 4 aged 4
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
5 stars
I won this book after entering an online competition with yourselves. The book arrived in less than the two weeks stated so was surprised to receive it sooner than expected. The book arrived one morning but as we were a little busy that day we saved it for when we had more time. I read this to my 4 year old son mainly but my 6 year old daughter also listened too. Think he enjoyed it and said he liked it. He has since shown it to other family members and got them to read it to him too.
29th August '16
I read it to sashet01 aged 2 aged 2
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
5 stars
This is a beautifully illustrated book with a simple flowing story. The story is engaging and my little girl liked spotting Heidi. We have read it everyday since we received it so its definitely a hit.
30th August '16
I read it to emilierose aged 3 aged 3
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
5 stars
This book was quite good at showing children that if you stick to doing things your way all the time you don't get a chance to learn new things and meet new people. It was also about compromise which is a good lesson for children to learn.
Emilie likes the book and the pictures, she makes up her own little story when she looks at the book on her own. It's a great book to get out and refer to your child when trying to remind them about compromise and playing with other children and giving other children a chance to choose the game or whatever they are doing at that moment.
Well written, great illustrations and a good lesson for any child. I liked the way the author showed that the child was sad when she had nobody to play with. This will resonate with children and their feelings.
3rd July '17
I read it to SPH aged 2 aged 2
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
5 stars
I really love the illustrations in the book they really are beautifully done. It's a lovely story too - perfect for all kids who love hide and seek! 
6th September '16
I read it to Tilly aged 3 aged 3
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
5 stars
Such a beautifully illustrated book that really appeals to young children, and an enchanting, gentle story, and very clever too. Heidi has an amazing gift for hiding herself, and at every turn of the page there she is, hiding somewhere - but where is she?  It's great fun for little ones to find her. Apart from being great fun it's also about friends and subtly encourages children to think about being kind and thoughtful to others and not always having your own way, and of course taking turns. Not always easy for toddlers! Heidi learns the importance of sharing when she realises her little friends also have things they are good at too which are just as much fun as hiding, and she can still have lots of fun even if she isn't the best. This is a fabulous story, and already a favourite with us. 
27th December '16
I read it to jasmineb aged 2 aged 2
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
5 stars
I read this to my 2 and a half year old daughter and she was really engaged from the outset. As I read each double page, she would find Heidi in the pretty illustrations. Great little book, short enough to retain a little one's interest and beautifully illustrated.
28th May '17
I read it to MunchkinMia aged 4 aged 4
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
5 stars
Heidi and her friends love to play hide and seek. The trouble is, Heidi always wins. She can’t help it – she’s just too good! But Heidi soon learns that being hard to find can be hard to take, so she needs to come up with a plan…
Hiding Heidi is a beautifully designed and deceptively simple picture book. The artwork is gorgeous and the story is light and well paced. The joy here is that Fiona Woodcock hasn’t dumbed down for a younger audience, but has left room for them to explore and investigate the pictures and to have their own ideas about what is happening in each picture. 

The illustrations are packed full of printed shapes and patterns and would be wonderful inspiration for printing and shape games for children. There’s lots of scope for talks about hiding and camouflage here too. It really is a book that belongs in nurseries and infant schools alongside a stack of art supplies. 
A very impressive debut. A scrummy, beautiful book that will win the hearts of children and teachers alike.
18th September '16
I read it to Samuel aged 9 months aged 0
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
5 stars
Heidi is brilliant at hiding. She has an ability to blend into the background and she can camouflage herself in her surroundings with ease. It means that she's fantastic at hide-and-seek. She always wins. In fact, it's all she wants to play.

Her friends make suggestions for other games but Heidi isn't keen. It's only when most of Heidi's own birthday party happens without her (she's hidden herself so well that her friends can't find her) that she starts to rethink her attitude. 

I love this book! The story has an important message about friendship and compromise, and the illustrations are gorgeous. It's printed on lovely cream pages and Fiona Woodcock has used grey alongside bold contrasting colours to great effect. It's tremendous fun looking for Heidi and I really like the imaginative ways in which she's hidden. 
7th September '16
I read it to RoseM aged 6 aged 6 & to ClaraM aged 4 aged 4
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
4 stars
Thanks Toppsta! We received this book today and it's always a thrill for my children to get one of your parcels! 
First impressions - this is a beautifully illustrated book, but I had entered for my four year old daughter so she immediately claimed it as her own for a bedtime story and tucked it under her bed so I didn't get to read it right away. Come bedtime though we both really enjoyed it. I read it to it once and then we looked through the pictures together again - she wants to read it with her Daddy tomorrow and she really seemed to enjoy it.
My six year old daughter then asked for it for her story and enjoyed the illustrations more than the story. 
Although the story didn't particularly grab me, I did like the message that everyone has different likes and different strengths and that it is good to try different things, and the captivating illustrations stand alone anyway 
2nd September '16
I read it to fifebookboy aged 4 aged 4
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
4 stars
Lovely gentle book about friendship. Heidi is excellent at playing hide and seek so she always wins when she plays with her friends. But is being great at hiding always a good thing? Not if you miss out on things, and what about doing other things that your friends like? A good story for introducing children to the idea of doing different things that their friends like, and that not everyone is good at the same thing. Beautiful and gently illustrations.
13th September '16
I read it to edventuresinwonderland2 aged 7 months aged 0
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
4 stars
Heidi is a girl with a special talent... But is it always a good thing to be the best at something? This story is beautifully illustrated and thought provoking, and I enjoyed it very much. L is a little young for it at the moment, but she enjoyed the pictures and I'm looking forward to sharing it with her as she gets older 
27th August '16
I read it to Pip aged 1 aged 1
Hiding Heidi 9781471144486
4 stars
This book is beautifully illustrated. It's is about a little girl who is so good at hide-and-seek that she always wins, sometimes her friends take a long time to find her. So in the end she plays other games with her friends which she isn't the best at. They still hide occasionally too. I read this to my 13 month old, she enjoyed it but I think she will enjoy it more as she gets older and can point out Heidi in the pictures.
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