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With a Jon Klassen appeal, Steve Antony is the one to watch. A naughty swan steals the Queen's handbag, so naturally, the Queen races after it. She follows it all around the United Kingdom in various modes of transport, including an Aston Martin car, a motorbike, a Red Arrow plane, a speedboat, a train and a horse. Taking in sights such as Stonehenge, Snowdonia, Giants Causeway, Edinburgh Castle, Oxford and then arriving back in London, this chase includes the Queen's butler and an awful lot of policemen. A witty and stylish celebration of the United Kingdom and the Queen.Praise for The Queen's Hat: 'This is a wonderful romp of a read that's a great introduction to London, royalty and all that makes Britain great.' - Sun'... this picture book is hard to beat for its sweet simplicity and charming monochromatic drawings.' - The Times

The Queen's Handbag Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 2 in the The Queen Collection Series. See all The Queen Collection books here.

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11th October '17
I read it to PHanke aged 2 aged 2
The Queen's Handbag 9781444925524
5 stars
What happens if the queen loses her handbag? This hilarious story finds out! Brilliantly illustrated
16th June '16
I read it to Brobee aged 3 aged 3 & to Toodee aged 2 aged 2
The Queen's Handbag 9781444925524
5 stars
The Queen's Handbag has an amazing cover which makes you smile before you open it. The picture of a tiny queen being chased by hundreds of policemen really made us giggle. It starts with a swan stealing the queen's handbag (which is just a delightful image) and tells the story of the Queen chasing after it (and not any old queen, HRH!!). The story is simple enough for a two year old to join in with but actually takes you through some of the gorgeous landmarks we have in the UK. We read it following a trip to Dover, so it was lovely to see the white cliffs depicted.
Definitely recommended.
20th April '16
I read it to Samuel aged 4 months aged 0
The Queen's Handbag 9781444925524
5 stars
I'm always bewildered as to why HRH Elizabeth II actually needs a handbag. What exactly does she keep in it? It's not as if she'll ever need a purse or her bus pass. Still, the fact is, she's rarely seen without it. This entertaining picture book by Steve Antony takes a look at what happens when one day, during a tour of Great Britain, the queen's handbag is stolen by a swan.

The queen is soon in hot pursuit, along with huge numbers of police officers who have been drafted in to help apprehend the swan. What follows is a high energy chase across the UK, taking in many of the nation's most well known landmarks.

Children will love this book because there's so much going on in the illustrations. The colours are simple - black, white and blue with touches of red - but the crowd scenes are incredibly detailed. It's great fun looking at what the police officers are up to in each picture. There's also a Where's Wally element to the illustrations as the queen's corgi and her butler are hidden in each picture. Plus, there's more excitement because every time you turn the page the queen is using a different mode of transport: car, motorbike, train, plane, bike, boat, horse and even parachute!

The Queen's Handbag is a brilliant picture book that's lots of fun.
17th April '17
I read it to Skye aged 4 aged 4 & to Rocky aged 4 aged 4
The Queen's Handbag 9781444925524
4 stars
A swan steals the Queen's handbag so she decides to chase after him to get it back. She chases him all around the UK visiting lots of famous landmarks with her butler and lots of police officers chasing with her. 

This is a sweet and amusing book but it didn't really capture my four year old's attention for long so may be better for two and three year olds. 
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Steve Antony is an award winning, bestselling children's book writer and illustrator based in Swindon in the UK. His 2014 debut, The Queen's Hat, won the Oscar's First Book Prize, was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal and shortlisted for a clutch of awards, including the Waterstones Children's Book Prize. Steve's other books includePlease Mr Panda, whic...

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