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Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog


Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog Reviews | Toppsta

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When Posy goes to stay at Pip's house they have lots of fun together before bedtime. But just as they switch out the light, disaster strikes: Posy realises that she has forgotten her favourite frog toy. Keen to help his distraught friend, Pip offers Posy a range of different toys to substitute for her frog, including his own favourite frog money box. But none of them will do: "That's the wrong frog!" Posy wails. It is only when Pip gives Posy his own, very favourite, pig toy that Posy is comforted and the friends can get a good night's sleep, at last.

Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780857633835
  • Pub Date: 3rd September 2015
  • Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
  • Imprint: Nosy Crow Ltd
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 32

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This is Book 7 in the Pip and Posy Series. See all Pip and Posy books here.

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3rd July '16
I read it to SophieKelly aged 3 aged 3
Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog 9780857633835
5 stars
Huge fan of the Pip and Posy series - the stories of these two friends explore every day toddler/pre-schooler situations which provoke big emotions in little people ! We'll rattle through the whole collection.... and talk about how we would feel if we were Pip or Posy.

In the Bedtime Frog - Posy forgets her favourite toy frog when she visits Pip for a sleepover.... but only realises at bedtime. Pip tries to comfort Posy by offering other toys as replacement.... and ultimately offers his own favourite to make her happy, even if it makes falling asleep harder for himself. Once home the next time - Froggie is found - phew ! Our daughter has a favourite toy, and we have the odd panic by her that the toy is "missing" when we know that we've not taken it out that day... so reminding her of Froggie and that things stay safe where you leave them at home - has helped !!!
11th January '19
I read it to Flic aged 1 aged 1
Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog 9780857633835
5 stars
This is a great book about friendship and sharing ,and comes with great illustrations, my granddaughter thoroughly enjoyed this book. 
4th November '15
Read to children aged 2 & 4
Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog 9780857633835
5 stars
This is a really charming book about two friends, Pip and Posy. They have a sleepover at Pip's house and Posy realises she has forgotten her favourite cuddly toy. Pip kindly lets her borrow his. This is a lovely lesson to young children in sharing and thinking of others. It is absolutely beautifully illustrated, as you would expect from Axel Scheffler. This is one in the series, all of the others are equally as lovely too.
2nd November '16
I read it to Millie aged 1 aged 1 & to Wolfie aged 4 aged 4
Pip and Posy: The Bedtime Frog 9780857633835
4 stars
A lovely, vibrant colourful book with the familiar characters of Pip and Posy. A lovely bedtime story that really makes you think of others and the importance of sharing. We will get the others in this series! 
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