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The Big Jungle Mix-Up


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Little Bear's dad tries to teach him all the jungle animals he ought to know, but the problem is they are a little mixed up! What would happen if a monkey was mixed up with a parrot? Would it have feathers? Would you teach it to speak? What would happen if a leopard was mixed up with a crocodile? Would it have green scales and a mean smile? Turn the page and discover the hilarious results!

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About Gareth Edwards

Author: Gareth has been the producer of comedy at the BBC since 1999 and has worked on shows such as Mitchell and Webb and Dead Ringers. Artist: Kanako was born in Japan but moved to England as an adult. Whilst studying Illustration at Kingston University, she started work with Walker Books. Kanako won Booktrust's Best New Illustrator Award and was shortlist

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About Kanako Usui

Gareth Edwards is a TV and radio producer with credits including the BAFTA award-winning That Mitchell and Webb Look on BBC2, and Bleak Old Shop of Stuff . He has written two series of the situation comedy Artists for Radio 4, as well as sketches for various TV comedy shows.

Kanako was born in Japan but moved t

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