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Quiet! roars Pa Lion. And all is quiet in the jungle. Not a rumble nor a grumble, not a chitter nor a chatter, not a pitter nor a patter, not a teeny, tiny squeak. Now Pa Lion must make sure it stays this way as baby Leo sleeps.

Quiet! Reviews | Toppsta


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23rd November '16
I read it to Fifi aged 5 aged 5
Quiet! 9781854309006
5 stars
Quiet! Tells tells the story of a daddy lion who wants the jungle to be quiet so the baby lion Leo can sleep! Daddy lion roars QUIET, otherwise he threatens to eat anyone that makes a noise! All the animals tiptoe around quietly until, the laughing hyena shows up!
A lovely story full of colour and great illustrations. And it even comes with a CD to listen to the story when you cant read the book!
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