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Tabby McTat was a busker's cat
With a miaow that was loud and strong.
The two of them sang of this and that,
And people threw coins in the old checked hat...

Fred, the busker, and his cat, Tabby McTat, are purr-fectly happy,
singing together all day long. But when Fred gives chase to a thief,
the two are separated. Will they ever find each other again?
A heart-warming story of friendship, loyalty - and kittens!

Tabby McTat Reviews | Toppsta


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10th August '17
I read it to FreddyBoggis aged 5 aged 5
Tabby McTat 9781407109244
5 stars
This is another good book from this author, which my little boy enjoyed. It's about McTat who was a buskers cat and he lost his owner, he finds a new home but still misses his busker. When he finds him, he's not sure if that's the life he wants anymore. A nice story with nice rhyming text.
27th December '17
I read it to LCR08 aged 9 aged 9 & to GCR13 aged 4 aged 4
Tabby McTat 9781407109244
5 stars
Another Julia Donaldson triumph, in our opinion.
As always, the children love the rhyme and rhythm, but, in this book, they love the song that is easy to fit to a tune.

They love that it has a happy ending and that noone is lonely. 

They loved spotting the image of the Gruffalo.

I think we could read Julia Donaldson every night and never get bored!
4th July '16
I read it to SophieKelly aged 3 aged 3
Tabby McTat 9781407109244
5 stars
Tabby McTat happily sings alongside Fred the busker in their usual spot.... until a thief steals their coins and Fred is hospitalised after chasing after him. In Fred's absence, new entertainers take over Tabby & Fred's usual "spot".... and Tabby is taken in off the street by kind cat-loving ladies... and soon has a littler of kittens with his new wife. Despite being happy and well fed in his new more comfortable life, he longs to know what has become of Fred... and soon finds him on the South Bank of the Thames. The two sing as if they'd never been apart.... but Tabby McTat knows he cannot stay and turn his back on what his life has become.... but fortunately one of his kittens has followed him and opts to stay with Fred instead. 
It's a really lovely book. We have the audio version ... which gives a tune for the main refrain "Just me and the old guitar....".... which now I know it, I read / sing in the same fashion... which has really helped me enjoy reading the book more. As ever there is a gruffalo to find hidden amongst the pages..... 
11th January '17
I read it to Hermione aged 7 aged 7 , to Skye aged 3 aged 3 & to Rocky aged 3 aged 3
Tabby McTat 9781407109244
5 stars
I love reading this book to my children! It's a sweet tale of a cat and his owner who are separated from each other when poor Fred breaks his leg. Will they ever find each other again? I love the rhymes in the story and the wistful atmosphere. Gorgeous illustrations and a lovely happy ending. Perfect! 
5th July '17
I read it to ArjanST aged 5 aged 5 & to KeeratKT aged 3 aged 3
Tabby McTat 9781407109244
5 stars
Another great book from Julia Donaldson. Tabby McTat is the story of a buskers cat and it really will melt your heart as it is a lovely story. The pictures are great and my son loves reading this book to his sister when he isn't too tired at bedtime. Can't recommend Julia Donaldson enough.
13th October '16
I read it to HatterBoy aged 6 aged 6
Tabby McTat 9781407109244
5 stars
I love reading this book to my son.... he enjoys it too even though he is now 6. He has started to want to read it himself. The words rhyme which make it fun to read and is a classic example of a Julia Donaldson very well written story... it is cute, sad, happy emotional rollercoaster of a story around a cheeky buskers cat. When Tabby McTat sings I do too.... which makes for fun interaction with my boy!! 
22nd May '18
I read it to Malakhi aged 5 aged 5 & to Jakobi aged 5 aged 5
Tabby McTat 9781407109244
5 stars
absolutely wonderfully illustrated story about the life of a buskers cat.  one of our favourites
13th May '16
I read it to Charles aged 3 aged 3
Tabby McTat 9781407109244
4 stars
Written and illustrated by the same team behind The Gruffalo, Tabby McTat is the tale of a busker and his singing cat who are parted by accident thanks to a thief. Tabby meets another cat and is taken in by her owners, but always hankers after his missing busker friend.  One day, he finds him again - but now misses his wife and new family. Then, his musical son appears to save the day.
This is a lovely book, with a pleasant rhyme, repetition in the busker's song and a clear plot and narrative. The story is well told and illustrated and it's good to see a resolution to Tabby's dilemma. I just wish we could have seen the thief get his comeuppance to show the consequences of his actions.
This is becoming one of our bedtime story staples and I would recommend it.
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