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The Barnabas Childrens' Bible


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This book follows a chronological order of stories, retold in a continuous thread from "Genesis" to "Revelation". It includes features such as: 365 Bible stories with key verses and references from the CEV; an encyclopedia reference section with an index of people and famous passages; highly suitable for independent reading, reading aloud and reading together; modern, clean design with almost 200 full-colour illustrations; and an ideal transition to the text and layout of an adult Bible. Written for children aged 7 - 11, this book is also for parents, grandparents, godparents, and children's workers looking for short stories and reference material. It is suitable to read-aloud or for independent reading, and as an ideal gift for a Sunday school prize or first Communion. The "Barnabas Children's Bible" presents a continuous thread from "Genesis" to "Revelation" in chronological, rather than biblical, order. Here there are retellings of familiar and less well-known Bible passages, including "Psalm 23", the "Lord's Prayer", teaching on justice from Micah and Paul's words on love. The 365 stories could be used as daily readings or as a dip-in read.
Ideal resource for Sunday school, each story has a Bible quotation from the "CEV", encapsulating a truth from the story. Children can familiarise themselves with the wealth of literature in the Bible using the full contents of stories or the useful indexes of people and famous passages. There is also a fascinating encyclopedia of background information on topics including civilisations, food, towns religious practices, and daily life.

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Rhona Davies, una maestra titulada, escribe para los ninos con un agudo sentido de permanecer fiel al espiritu del texto biblico. Esta casada y tiene hijos adolescentes. Rhona Davies, a trained teacher, writes for children with a keen sense of staying faithful to the spirit of the biblical text. She is married with teenage sons.
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