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Baa, Moo, What Will We Do?


Baa, Moo, What Will We Do? Reviews | Toppsta

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A new animal called a kangaroo is arriving at Buttercup Farm and all the animals are very worried. What does a kangaroo do? They are so worried, that they do not notice some of the baby animals wandering off, one by one.

Baa, Moo, What Will We Do? Reviews | Toppsta


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Age 1 2 5 7

About A. H. Benjamin

A.H. Benjamin has written picture books published by Andersen, OUP and
Little Tiger Press, and stories for beginner readers published by
Franklin Watts and Kingfisher. This is his first book for A & C

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About Jane Chapman

Jane Chapman has been illustrating for Little Tiger Press for over twenty years and has produced many best-selling and award-winning titles. She lives in Dorset, England, with her husband, illustrator Tim Warnes. They have two sons.

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