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An Egyptian Tomb


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This series takes an artefact, a symbol or a place and focuses in on the life and characteristics of people who lived in these times. With highly accessible text and illustrations these books show the reader exactly how people lived. Brand new covers will refresh this hugely successful series.

An Egyptian Tomb Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 6 in the Look Inside Series. See all Look Inside books here.

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Brian Moses spends much of his time visiting schools, where he runs workshops sessions and performs his poetry. He has compiled numerous collections for Macmillan (total sales of over 750,000 copies), including The Works 2 and The Secret Lives of Teachers. He lives in Sussex with his wife and two daughters. Anja Boretzki is a multi-talented illustrator livin...

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Peter Chrisp is a highly experienced and entertaining children's author, who has written many history books for young people. He is particularly fascinated by the ancient world, and has enjoyed visiting the archaeological sites of Greece and Rome....

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