The History Keepers: Nightship to China
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The History Keepers: Nightship to China


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The History Keepers embark on their third adventure, and this is the most explosive one yet! The time-travelling agents voyage from Shakespeare's England to Imperial China in pursuit of their most villainous foe yet, Xiang Xi, whose aim is to decimate the population and destroy the world's trade links. Jake, Nathan and Topaz must join forces with international agents in order to prevent mayhem on a global scale. And at the heart of the battle lies the key to a long-lost family member - will Jake find his brother after all this time? The past is in danger - only Jake Djones can save it!

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About Damian Dibben

Damian Dibben has worked extensively as a screenwriter on projects as diverse as The Phantom Of The Opera and Puss In Boots. He is a keen explorer, inspired by everything from archaeology to cosmology, and loves nothing more than a great adventure story.

Nightship To China is the third in his History Keepers series after The Storm Begins and Circus Maximus

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