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I Want My Potty!


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"Nappies are YUUECH!" said the little princess. "There must be something better!" At first the Little Princess thinks the royal potty is even worse than nappies but she soon learns to love it - even if it isn't always there just when she needs it.

I Want My Potty! Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 7 in the Little Princess Series. See all Little Princess books here.

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4th April '16
I read it to CCR06 aged 9 aged 9 , to LCR08 aged 7 aged 7 & to GCR13 aged 3 aged 3
I Want My Potty! 9781849394468
5 stars
We have had this book since we started potty training my eldest 7 years ago! All 3 children have enjoyed reading it and following the antics of The Little Princess! 
We let them read it as they were sitting in the potty/toilet in the hope that it would encourage them to go! I can't say whether or not it worked but they all found the story funny!
24th February '18
I read it to Frey aged 3 aged 3 & to Pheebs aged 7 months aged 0
I Want My Potty! 9781849394468
4 stars
I remember reading this when I was young, it's such a classic! Got this when my eldest was potty training a year ago and found that it really helped, especially as she watches The Little Princess Tv programme. My daughter still laughs at when the potty plays tricks on the little princess and she can recite it from memory to my youngest as the sentences are simple and short. 
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