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At night, when we are feeling tired and ready for bed, owls are just waking up. But one curious little owl decides to stay awake all day, instead of all night, and discovers a world bursting with colour! Yet when the night-time comes around again, the stars above her head are still the most beautiful of all. WOW! Said the Owl is an engaging book about colours from Tim Hopgood, the winner of the Best Emerging Illustrator, Booktrust Early Years Award.

WOW! Said the Owl Reviews | Toppsta


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22nd August '17
I read it to Alex0512 aged 6 aged 6
WOW! Said the Owl 9780230701045
5 stars
A beautifully illustrated book with a small amount of factual information but then tends to take your child along a journey of the colours during the day and those at night.

A lovely little tale of the owls surprise at discovering so many bright colours and at the end of the story a small colour wheel gets your child to find the colours themselves in the pages in the book.

A short tale but perfect for a bedtime tale.
30th September '18
I read it myself (an adult) & to Laya aged 3 aged 3
WOW! Said the Owl 9780230701045
5 stars
A cute story about a young owl who stays awake all day so she can explore all the colors of the day. My 3 years old daughter adores this story and she loves when the owl says "wow" on each page as she sees a new colour. Great book for small children to learn their colours. 
6th September '18
I read it to Beach20 aged 4 aged 4 & to Beach09 aged 1 aged 1
WOW! Said the Owl 9780230701045
5 stars
This book is amazing. It is about an owl that wants to discover the unknown about what is going on around him when he should be asleep. The owl goes on a great adventure.
This books had amazing colours and picture along with the story that captures the imagination & attention of the children. 
A family favourite 
29th June '17
I read it to FreddyBoggis aged 5 aged 5
WOW! Said the Owl 9780230701045
4 stars
This is a nice book, about an owl who wants to see what it's like during the day. So he stays awake all night to see all the amazing colours around him. But as night time comes he realises that it's what he likes best. My little boy enjoyed this book.
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