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Blue and Bertie


Blue and Bertie Reviews | Toppsta

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Bertie the giraffe's life runs over very straight lines. He always has the same breakfast. He always takes the same stroll. He always takes his nap under the same tree. But then, one day, Bertie oversleeps and is left behind by the rest of his herd, and his life begins to take some very unexpected turns...

Blue and Bertie Reviews | Toppsta


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About Kristyna Litten

Kristyna Litten studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of Art and now lives in a beautiful village in
Yorkshire, where she is heavily reliant on the good old pencil and a great big cup of tea to keep her
going, whilst habitually whistling, or twiddling her hair. She prefers to draw with crayons to produce
energetic line quality and texture. Her sophistica

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