The Map of Marvels
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The Map of Marvels


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When Connor starts creating a map of an imaginary world for his school project he has no idea where it will lead. As he draws the outlines of the islands and the mountains, the map begins to take shape. And then there's the tower-ominous and threatening - but so necessary that without it the map would not be complete. Perhaps without the tower, the map might not even exist. But the map does exist, and so does the tower. As Connor enters the world he's created he meets others there who all have their own tale to tell. Together they travel between many worlds, on many adventures and through many stories. On their journey they encounter places and creatures beyond Connor's imagination. But he has imagined them, hasn't he? Surely this world can't be real, because if it is, his life at home must just be another story ...

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David is an experienced playright who has written for touring theatre companies, children's and youth theatres, schools, community groups and BBC radio. He regularly runs workshops in schools, colleges and universities on writing, storytelling, drama and performance. His plays for young people have been published by companies including OUP, Nelson Thornes an

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