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The Quayside Cat


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Down by the harbour the quayside cat, Jim, comes to talk with Old Tregarn about his days long ago at sea. Inspired by Old Tregarn's tales, Jim longs for his own sea adventure. Before long the two cats have jumped aboard a ship, and so begins Jim's daring adventure at sea . . .

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About Toby Forward

Toby Forward has worked as a teacher, a parish priest and a university chaplain. He is currently in Liverpool and has been working on the 2008 European Capital of Culture Year. He is married with two daughters. He is interested in theatre, folk music and architecture.

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About Ruth Brown

Ruth Brown is the creator of some of Britain's best loved children's books. She has created a great many picture books for Andersen Press and is highly respected as an author and illustrator. She is married to artist Ken Brown and they have two grown-up sons and one grandchild.

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