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Bear was friendly, Bear was sweet,
The nicest bear you'd ever meet!
With little paws and little feet,
And a very BIG bear bottom!
Poor Bear! His bottom is causing chaos ... Bump! Crash! Splat! Soon Bear is in great big trouble! Can he ever make it up to his friends?
A hilarious story of bottoms, bears and animal friends that will
have children giggling at Bear's bottom-based mishaps. From children's
favourite Steve Smallman, author of Smelly Peter, the Great Pea Eater and The Monkey with A Bright Blue Bottom.

Bear's Big Bottom Reviews | Toppsta


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20th June '17
I read it to Foofie12 aged 5 aged 5
Bear's Big Bottom 9781848955868
5 stars
A lovely, gently comic story about a bear with a generously sized behind.
Bear's 'big bottom' normally gets him into trouble, but at the end saves the day and has his friends praising it!
Rhyming text and rhythmic verses, coupled with lovely, amusing illustrations, make this a superb bedtime story book.

Fun and heartwarming and not really cheeky at all, despite it being about a 'big bottom' 
7th March '18
I read it to Effie aged 1 aged 1
Bear's Big Bottom 9781848955868
4 stars
I really like this book. It's rhyming pattern and repartition is great for little ones and the illustrations are colourful. It's a cute short story too making it perfect length to keep my little girls attention. 
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