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The Grizzly Bear with the Frizzly Hair


The Grizzly Bear with the Frizzly Hair Reviews | Toppsta

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The Grizzly Bear with the Frizzly Hair could frighten the feathers off a peacock..."Yipes!" blinked the itzy-bitzy rabbit. "What are you going to do?" "Have my lunch," growled the bear. "And my lunch is ...YOU!" So begins a cat-and-mouse story in which rabbit attempts to talk his way out of a tight spot. As the bear dangles him further and further into his mouth, tension mounts - surely he won't escape. But then rabbit points out a much bigger lunch for the bear - the bear's own reflection in the river. The bear is soon enraged by his reflection's belligerence, and the rabbit makes the most of the opportunity. A traditional story that is known in Ireland, South Africa, Iran, China and the USA and is delightfully told in a highly rhythmic and rhyming text that is a joy to read aloud. Children will love the drama and tension of the rabbit's dilemma, making it a great book for early years reading and language development.

The Grizzly Bear with the Frizzly Hair Reviews | Toppsta


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21st September '16
I read it to green18 aged 3 aged 3
The Grizzly Bear with the Frizzly Hair 9781847801449
4 stars
A classic story we've heard before but with extra detail all about exactly how the bear will eat the rabbit if he has chance! I did worry this would scare my little one as there are several pictures showing the bear with the rabbit in his mouth but he said that was his favourite part?! Easy to read and detailed funny illustrations which I think would hold older ones attention too - we had to read it a few times to spot them all!
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