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Bobby Dean Saves Christmas


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Meet Bobby: an ordinary kid with an extraordinary voice!

Sent off to school for the first time in his life, nine-year-old Bobby Dean is busy making new friends, learning lines for the Nativity Play, and trying to not laugh at the head teacher's terrible jokes. But then Bobby Dean discovers that when he sings magical things can happen!
From rescuing kidnapped dogs, helping Santa, and even travelling back in time - Bobby Dean's first term is going to be one full of wonder, adventure, and the magic of song!

Bobby Dean Saves Christmas is a magical and fun packed adventure for kids highlighting the importance of friendship, loyalty, accepting differences and above all being yourself it is perfect to be read aloud or for children to read alone.

'A book full of music, magic & heart' - Dawn French

'A wonderful story! I could hear the music ringing in my ears!' - Amanda Holden

A magical book about a magical voice from an author who knows exactly how it feels!' - Alan Titchmarsh

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