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My First Bath Book: Baby Bath Book


My First Bath Book: Baby Bath Book Reviews | Toppsta

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Making bath times fun, interactive and educational
Teach your child the names of their body parts at bath time in an interactive way like never before!

A unique, fun, colour-changing bath book that brings squeals and splashes of delight! Soft, safe and non-toxic for newborns and toddlers.
Beautiful hand-drawn illustrations by iconic artist Rose Hill Designs, that attracts children's attention.
Body parts that change colour with water. Introduce a child you love to the joy of reading, language and learning about their own body parts through play.
High-quality, waterproof materials that can be easily wipe-cleaned.
Non-toxic and safe for baby with quality standards that adhere to CE international standards.
Interactive learning that makes it a fun introduction to reading and learning the body parts.
Suitable for ages 0 - 4 years (Although adults will love playing with it too!).

My First Bath Book: Baby Bath Book Reviews | Toppsta


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