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A Moon Girl Stole My Friend


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It's 2099. Lyla lives in a world of robocats, flying sweets and instant snow, but some things never change. Little brothers are still annoying, school teachers make you cringe, and, when your best friend deserts you for the new girl, it still HURTS. Especially when that new girl is from the Moon. But Lyla's problems lead her into unexpected adventures . . .

A Moon Girl Stole My Friend Reviews | Toppsta


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18th March '19
I read it to AngelDelight aged 10 aged 10
A Moon Girl Stole My Friend 9781783447985
5 stars
What  a wonderful chapter book for Taylor loved this story,as shes autistic and finds it hard with her emotions and feelings she likes to go into her own world and makes stories up she often lives on different planets in her mind it's real this book has a lovely cover tells a story about a girl who isn't invited to a party it's a fantasy book an easy read and highly recommend  this from 10 yrs up.
15th March '19
Syd1 read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
A Moon Girl Stole My Friend 9781783447985
5 stars
This is lovely story about friendship and how even when times are a bit tough you can find friends in all sorts of places. In 2099 Lyla is best friends with Bianca, until the arrival of a new girl from the moon colonies threatens to upset the apple cart! The story follows lyla as she navigates some tough times at school and becomes friends with Louis and Betty.
13th February '19
Ama123 read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
A Moon Girl Stole My Friend 9781783447985
5 stars
It's 2099 and air transport is the norm. 10 year old Lyla is looking forward to her best friend Bianca's birthday party but then she's not invited. It seems the arrival of the new Moon girl, Petra has caused a rift between the girls unbeknown to Lyla. 

Despite the futuristic setting of this story children will be able to relate to it easily. This story deals with friendship problems in a sensitive and funny way. Plus the friendship between different generations was heartwarming. 

The title and front cover had us curious from the moment we came across this book. Amatullah loved this and enjoyed reading the bits about the new technology and desserts! Beautifully illustrated by the author 'A moon girl stole my best friend' is a brilliant read.
13th March '19
G read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
A Moon Girl Stole My Friend 9781783447985
4 stars
Rebecca is the author of my little bro’s fave book (MY BIG SHOUTING DAY!) I was keen to read her MG debut. 

Lyla is so excited to go to her BFF Beatrice’s birthday party, they have been talking about it for months.  When they invites were finally handed out, Lyla didn’t get one as Beatrice wanted to be sociable and invite the mean moon girl, Petra.  Everyone is entranced by Petra and believes everything she says and makes her friends turn on her.  With help from Bogwitch over the wall and Louis, her newly-found troublemaking friend, can she win her friends back? 

I simply loved this debut (for older readers) from Rebecca Patterson.  It made me angry with the girls behaviour, even though it is a story!!  I would not like ‘friends’ like these girls. 
The illustrations are amazing, I would love to wear Beatrice’s dress on the back cover!!
 I would recommend this for fans of the ‘Girls can Vlog’ series for example.  Even though it is heavily illustrated, the storyline is more suitable for slightly older readers 10+. (4 1/2 stars) 
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About Rebecca Patterson

Rebecca Patterson is a shining new talent in children's picture books. She graduated with an MA in Children's Book Illustration from Anglia Ruskin University in 2009 and came third in the Macmillan Prize the same year. Rebecca lives in Cambridge with her husband and two children. THE DEEP END is her first book, and her distinctive style is already causing a...

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