What’s That Building?: Level 12
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What’s That Building?: Level 12


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Collins Arabic Big Cat is a guided reading series for ages 3 to 11. The series is structured with reference to the learning progression of Arabic at nursery and primary schools researched especially for Collins. This carefully graded approach allows children to build up their reading knowledge of Arabic step by step.
Level 12 books feature greater use of literary language and more unusual and challenging vocabulary. Play scripts also feature from Level 12. Non-fiction titles contain longer, more formal sentences and a wide range of unfamiliar terms. Sentences become longer with greater use of conjunctions and relative clauses. Grammatical vowel endings are more evident to encourage fluent reading and to provide familiarity with some higher-level features of written Arabic.
Travel the world and look at some of the most amazing buildings – inside and out! Find out how they're built, what they do and lots more fantastic facts in this exciting and very visual book. Each building is intricately illustrated, providing lots of detail to look at and talk about.
Pages 22 and 23 show the buildings divided up by their purpose – store, make or protect – promoting plenty of discussion and reasoning.
Additional retrieval devices such as a glossary and index can be evaluated for their usefulness as children develop critical reading skills.

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This is Book 26 in the Collins Big Cat Arabic Reading Programme Series. See all Collins Big Cat Arabic Reading Programme books here.

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