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Not Enough for Queen Fluff!


Not Enough for Queen Fluff! Reviews | Toppsta

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Not Enough for Queen Fluff! Reviews | Toppsta


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22nd June '16
Brobee read it themselves aged 3 aged 3
Not Enough for Queen Fluff! 9781848862036
5 stars
Queen Fluff is such a snooty bunny. The bunnies in her Kingdom really don't want her to visit and take drastic action to stop her...until she changes her ways. We loved the gorgeous descriptive language and the rhythm and rhyme in the story. The illustrations were really detailed too and gave us so much to talk about. 
It's a super story and perfect to share with younger children.
11th July '16
I read it to Amelie aged 4 aged 4
Not Enough for Queen Fluff! 9781848862036
5 stars
Queen Fluff is so snooty, posh and just a bit rude!  But mostly very lonely.  The rest of her kingdom is full of bunnies who are poor unlike her living in her lavish palace. 
One day Queen Fluff decides to visit the bunnies but expects the luxuries of her home, but the bunnies aren't impressed by her snootiness. 
Through some unpleasant experiences it ends with Queen Fluff realising she has been thoughtless and sees that friendship is about more than bossing people around!
This book has lovely fun illustrations and such a lovely moral lesson written in a great child-friendly way.
Lovely book.
23rd June '16
I read it to Deedawg aged 6 aged 6
Not Enough for Queen Fluff! 9781848862036
5 stars
What a great book! Queen Fluff is as rich but lonely, she's also a bit snooty and rude! She visits all the bunnies in Bunnyville looking for a fancy place to stay. The poor bunnies take offence to this and present her with the stinkiest, scruffiest homes they can muster. I won't spoil the ending but rest assured an important lesson is learnt by all! 
Both my daughter and I thought this book was brilliant. Daisy particularly like Queen Fluff's reaction to all the unsightly dwellings (she is rather rude), and I loved the illustrations showing inside the bunnies burrows. 
A great rhyming tale, fun and quirky with a lovely lesson for us all to live by. 
21st March '17
I read it to cate aged 6 aged 6 , to hols aged 4 aged 4 & to sophi aged 4 aged 4
Not Enough for Queen Fluff! 9781848862036
5 stars
this is one of the girls go to books I have re read it over and over again and the girls have even taken it into school and the teacher has read it to the class a great story with a great lesson. highly recommend anyone to read it
24th May '16
I read it myself (an adult)
Not Enough for Queen Fluff! 9781848862036
4 stars
A very easy to follow story for my my niece to practice her reading
4th July '16
I read it to IRE aged 4 aged 4 & to TAME aged 2 aged 2
Not Enough for Queen Fluff! 9781848862036
4 stars
 A funny rhyming tale about Queen Fluff, a rich and rather snooty bunny. She has everything she could possibly dream of, including a rather grand burrow, but she is lonely. Deciding that she wants to make some friends, she writes a rather demanding note to all the bunnies in the land inviting herself to visit their burrows. She adds that she will stay at her favourite for a week. The other bunnies in the kingdom are poor and can not afford to host the demanding Queen. They come up with a plan to make a lot of mess to deter her from staying. The perfection seeking Queen is disgusted by the state of burrows and decides to return home. However, when she hears that the poor bunnies planned this deliberately, she is ashamed of her behaviour. Having learned her lesson, she decides to host a ball for the other bunnies at her grand burrow and everyone is happy!
Fantastic illustrations providing lots to talk about. We particularly liked the pictures of the burrows and spotting all the disgusting things the bunnies were doing to deliberately make a mess. My children found this bit hilarious - I hope they don't get any ideas! We spent a lot of time talking about what the Queen should have done at the start and why she felt ashamed of her behaviour. A really great book for little ones as it teaches that even with all the money in the world, you still need friends. 4 stars.
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