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When you are walking through the jungle, almost anything can happen. Unfortunately, sometimes it's bad, but fortunately, sometimes it's good . . . Children will love this funny and original story full of different twists and turns with a fabulously unexpected ending! Written by an award-winning author, the story is brought to vivid and vibrant life by the illustrator of the bestselling, award-winning illustrator of Ten Little Pirates .

Unfortunately Reviews | Toppsta


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26th February '18
I read it to Ragdollkhanbaby aged 6 aged 6
Unfortunately 9781408311257
5 stars
My son thinks this book is hilarious and cannot wait to find out what unfortunately happens to the little boy on the next page.  Good illustrations and the right level of tension to turn the page. Great fun book.
8th March '15
Read to a child aged 2
Unfortunately 9781408311257
5 stars
This is the story of a carefree little boy who is happily walking through the jungle whistling to himself. 'Unfortunately' there is lots of hidden danger lurking in the jungle but 'fortunately' the little boy manages to escape from these disastrous situations (that are brilliantly hidden in the stunning illustrations!). First of all, unfortunately he meets 'a big scary lion with very sharp teeth'. 'Fortunately' the boy escapes up a tree, but 'unfortunately' there's a 'mean and hungry snake coiled around the tree'! And so it continues. Along the way, the little boy finds a little girl & together they escape from various jungle dangers...with a tragic twist at the end! This is a super book, full of the unexpected. Fantastic bright & bold illustrations supported by brilliant language which children (& parents, grandparents!) will love. My little boy (nearly 3) loves it, as do the children in my class aged 7-8. A MUST for any bookshelf!
1st July '16
I read it to Alan aged 4 aged 4 & to Lenny aged 2 aged 2
Unfortunately 9781408311257
3 stars
An interesting concept for a book...... however I was disappointed reading this to my boys.
I think they were a bit young to understand the language of futunately and unfortunately and this made the story difficult for them to enjoy. 
Also not keen on the Hunter wanting to eat a little boy for his dinner........ but did enjoy all the animals and other dangers he faced in the jungle.

Lovely illustrations.
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