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EDGE: Tommy Donbavand's Funny Shorts: Invasion of Badger's Bottom


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Written by the author of CBBC's Scream Street TV series! Nothing ever happens in the sleepy town of Badger's Bottom. In fact, its only claim to fame is that it's the most BORING place to live in the universe. That's until a UFO lands in Jamie and Megan's back garden and invaders leap out to begin their conquest of Earth, under the command of Major Pain... Tommy Donbavand's Funny Shorts is a series of 4,000-word colour illustrated, chapter-based readers, which are perfect for bridging the gap between first chapter books and independent reading. Published by Franklin Watts EDGE, using off-white paper and a font recommended by the British Dyslexia Association.

EDGE: Tommy Donbavand's Funny Shorts: Invasion of Badger's Bottom Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 8 in the Edge: Tommy Donbavand's Funny Shorts Series. See all Edge: Tommy Donbavand's Funny Shorts books here.


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About Tommy Donbavand

Tommy Donbavand was born in Liverpool and has worked at a number of careers that include clown, actor, theatre producer, storyteller and writer. His two non-fiction books for children, Boredom Busters and Quick Fixes for Bored Kids, have helped him to become a regular guest on radio stations around the UK. Tommy now writes for a number of UK magazines, inclu

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About Claudia Souza

Tommy Donbavand (Author)
Tommy Donbavand is the author of the 13-book Scream Street series, published in over a dozen languages worldwide. He has also written several titles for reluctant and struggling readers, including Zombie!, Wolf, Virus and Uniform - which won the 2011 Hackney Short Novel Award.

Originally from Liver

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