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No More Ee-orrhh!


No More Ee-orrhh! Reviews | Toppsta

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Dicky Donkey drives everyone crazy! Each morning, they wake up to, "Ee-orrhh!" All the neighbours want to send Dicky Donkey away. Then one day, Dicky Donkey opens his mouth and nothing comes out. He has lost his Ee-orrhh! His owner has to take him to the animal hospital. Poor Dicky Donkey! The neighbours soon realise they really miss Dicky Donkey's ee-orrhh. How else can they wake up in the morning? How Dicky Donkey gets his ee-orrhh back and makes all the neighbours happy again is wittily and endearingly told in this fantastic new offering from top author/illustrator Lydia Monks.

No More Ee-orrhh! Reviews | Toppsta


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Lydia Monks is a bestselling illustrator and author of children’s books, best known for her collaborations with author Julia Donaldson. Many of their books have become household favourites, including What the Ladybird Heard, which has sold over a...

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