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The witch had a cat And an awfie lang hat, And gingery hair That she pit in a plait. Hoo the cat purred And hoo the witch grinned As they sat on their bizzum And fleed through the wind. But hoo the witch peenged And the cat fuffed and aw When the wind wis sae wild That the hat blew awa. 'Doon!' cried the witch, And they fleed tae the grund. They riped and they reenged But nae hat could be fund. Then oot fae the bushes (and this is the truth) There breeshled a dug Wi the hat in his mooth...Room on the Broom is probably Julia Donaldson's best-loved picture book after The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child. Following the huge success of these two titles in their Scots language versions, Room on the Broom in Scots is sure to be another big hit with Scottish mums, dads and bairns.

Room on the Broom in Scots Reviews | Toppsta


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22nd December '18
I read it to Harri M aged 2 aged 2
Room on the Broom in Scots 9781845027537
5 stars
This is a fantastic book. The illustrations are wonderful and engaging, and the storyline is perfect. My son loves this story because there is just the right amount of words on each page, so that is interest is kept. The rhymes sound exciting when read out loud - I especially like the repetition of the phrase including 'down'. The characters are engaging to him, and myself - I like how the characters have a hidden trait, which perhaps only an adult would notice! 
11th May '17
I read it to Monster aged 1 aged 1
Room on the Broom in Scots 9781845027537
5 stars
This is a great alternative to the original book! We sit and laugh at the "funny words"! The illustrations keep us focused! Becoming a favourite in our household!
10th October '16
I read it to Ibby aged 4 aged 4
Room on the Broom in Scots 9781845027537
5 stars
We love Julia Donaldson books in our household, and this one is one of our favs!! The story features lots of animals, magic and even a dragon - so it's a big hit with my little one! It's a classic tale - you can't go wrong. 
27th September '16
I read it to edventuresinwonderland2 aged 7 months aged 0
Room on the Broom in Scots 9781845027537
5 stars
Another brilliant 'translation' of the original story. Once again, several lines had me laughing out loud (Haw you! That's ma witch! Pit her doon!) and I love the way nothing of the clever rhythm and rhyme of the prose is lost in this Scots version. A must for all Scottish mummies, daddies and weans
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