Winners of the Funny Fiction Writing Competition


To celebrate the publication of The 117-Storey Treehouse – the hilarious new book in Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton’s bestselling Treehouse series – we invited children of all ages to create their very own funny story.

We had some brilliant entries which we whittled down to our Top Three. Check out the winning funny stories below:

A Humiliating Halloween by Isobel Stephenson, age 10
Jenkins strutted into the class, late, as usual.

“Jenkins, late again, have you signed in?” barked Mr Carter.

“No sir.”

“Why not?”

“Because I didn't have time to.” Jenkins was the class clown, however he could often go too far and hurt people's feelings.

“Why not?” repeated the teacher, irritably.

“Because I was late sir.” Jenkins grinned, everyone laughed at this.

Mr Carter sighed, “Double detention. Now, class, as I was saying, today is the Year 6 Halloween performance, I am sorry that the costumes have only just turned up, but just pretend that we have already done the dress rehearsal, ok?”     

The class nodded.

A few hours later, a few minutes before curtain rise, everyone was backstage, trying their costumes out on their own, because no-one wanted anyone else to see theirs. Jenkins got his costume out of the bag. His mouth fell open. He checked the name on the front of the package. This was NOT the epic phantom costume that he and Mr Carter had ordered. It was… well, for a start, it was pink. Jenkins hated pink. It was also frilly. Jenkins hated frills. It was also... a ballet dancer’s dress! At that moment Mr Carter came through the door to where Jenkins was staring in shock and confusion at his 'costume'.

“Oh, golly, isn't that an, erm, unusual costume, whatever happened to yours?” exclaimed Mr Carter. Jenkins was speechless, but Mr Carter got the hint.

“I'm sorry Jenkins, I truly am, but you are going to have to wear it. There’s nothing else.”

“WHAT?” glowered Jenkins. Jenkins was adamant that he would not wear it. However, after a lot of threats from both Jenkins and Mr Carter, Jenkins was eventually on stage, in the costume. Once the curtains opened, the audience was silent for a moment, then EVERYONE, and I mean EVERYONE, burst out laughing. 

Jenkins couldn't move, partly because he was so embarrassed and partly because the pink skirt was too tight. However, in that moment Jenkins knew exactly what it felt like to be laughed at, and he vowed never to make fun of anyone ever again.

Somewhere in the howling audience Mr Carter was chuckling next to Millie, Jenkins' little sister.

“I wonder how that happened?” Millie looked up at Mr Carter and winked. Mr Carter winked too...

A World of Confusion by Serena Fraser, age 7 
Bang! Bang! Bang! The books started falling off the shelves. The librarian spun around and saw books scattered all over the floor.

“Oh well, they’ll clear up themselves. I’ve got a Pot Noodle to make,” mumbled the librarian.

He ran outside, locked the door and pretended he’d not seen the mess inside. As soon as the door closed, giggles and howls of laughter erupted from the books.

“Pot Poodle? What’s he doing eating all the poodles?” barked the Poodle from The Land of Dogs book in section 600 of non-fiction books.

“Pot NOODLE. NOODLE. NOOOOO-DLE. Not poo, Poodle,” grumbled The Chinese Recipe book from section 700 of non-fiction books.

Pop Music, next door to The Chinese Recipe book said, “Pop Music? I think I should eat myself then. I always want to be Number One,” and Pop Music started tearing his pages out.

“What’s your favourite pop song, guys?” squeaked the doll from the Cs in the fiction section.

“Well, everybody thinks Pot NOODLE is Pot Poodle. Pop Music is a Pot NOODLE…” moaned The Chinese Recipe book.

“I was asking a question,” interrupted the doll from the Cs. “What’s your favourite pop song? I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie world. Life in plastic, it’s fantastic. Shine bright like a diamond, find light in the beautiful sea, I choose to be happy,” sang Pop Music who had ripped out a million pages.

Who let the dogs out, ruff ruff ruff,” barked the Husky from The Land of Dogs book.

“I’ve had enough now. The man said Pot NOODLE, the end.” The Chinese Recipe book slammed shut.

The Silly School Competition by Sam Owens, age 9
Hi, I’m Geraldine, I’m 10 years old. I live at home with my mum and dad. I barely ever get to see my dad because he is always at work. My family is quite poor and this is why my dad has to work all the time. I didn’t realise but today was the day that my life was going to change forever.

“Mum! I’m going to school.”

“OK Geraldine have a nice day!”

Slam! That was the door; it is very old, even older than my dad, and trust me that’s old!

“Hi Gerald!”

Oh no there’s Banger Bates, he is the most ultimate mean school bully in the history of school bullies.

As soon as he saw me he ran over and said, “like my bald shave ya bogey.”

“NO,” I said which was silly as he gets angry over the slightest thing.

For example last summer on the last day of school a fly landed on his arm and he made a vow never to sleep again until flies were exterminated and to this day he has not slept a wink. But finally I managed to squeeze past him after many failed attempts of trying to run towards the school.

“Phew! That was a close call” I said.

“Come back here Locks!” If you didn’t know that is my last name.

It is stupid really, you have to go to school and nobody likes it. If you ask me it’s a waste of time and it’s really boring. I’ve had to enter this silly competition at school. My Mum made me enter it even though I didn’t want to. It was optional! You see mums are like this. They sign you up for things that they don’t even know about. I had to write this massive story after school and after all my homework. I just wanted to get out on my bike. Today in assembly we are going to find out who the winner is.

I streak into school as tired as could be. You try running away from Banger Bates. Miss Edwards calls us all in for the assembly. We all file in the main gym hall and take our seats. Miss Bowen quiets us down; everyone hates her, she never smiles and she smells of last night’s dinner.

“The winner of the competition will receive a bike and a life time supply of cat food!”

I can’t believe my ears. A bike competition – maybe mum’s not so bad after all!

I’m so excited. There is a great murmur going round the hall when Miss Bowen shouts, “I’m not finished yet! There is also going to be a visit from Skill Masters 2.”

THE SKILL MASTERS 2? THE BEST BIKERS IN THE WORLD! I might be in with a chance here, I’m the best biker in the school. In my dreams! My old rust bucket bike at home can barely go in a straight line never mind do a drift or a wheelie.

“I will announce the winner at the end of assembly,” says Miss Bowen.

The end of assembly. I can’t wait that long. We have to sing cringy songs, listen to Miss Bowen’s annoying voice droan on and on. I was so busy dreaming about Skill Masters 2 that I couldn’t understand why everyone was looking at me and cheering and clapping.

Miss Bowen called my name again and told me to come up on stage and collect my prize. I tripped over Tommy Wayne in P1 and ploughed straight into the back of my arch nemesis, Banger Bates, but I didn’t care – I had just won the greatest prize of all!

I’m going to ride it home from school today, it is really cool! It has snow white zig zag stripes on a metallic blue frame.

The best part of it all – I was the only person that entered that silly competition! Although what we are going to do with a lifetime supply of cat food I’ll never know. Maybe I’ll get that pet that I’ve always wanted now!

Winners of the Funny Fiction Writing Competition
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