Why Toppsta readers love the Cinders and Sparks series


Earlier this year HarperCollins published the first instalment in their new young fiction series, Cinders and Sparks – a fresh, funny and fabulous take on Cinderella. Featuring a magic girl, a talking dog and a fairy godmother called Brian; it’s perfect for fans of Frozen and Shrek.

But what is it about this series that has readers desperate for more? Here’s what our Toppsta readers had to say:

‘I really enjoyed this modern take on the Cinderella story – really good fun, while showing us that Princes are definitely not needed for rescuing purposes! I really enjoyed the fast paced writing and know quite a few children that will really enjoy an independent Cinders going off on adventures in sensible clothes with pockets!!!!  The story is broken up with fun illustrations from Pippa Curnick making this a great early chapter book for around age 7 up!’
Caroline Clary

Cinders and Sparks is an amazing book, it's full of magic and I recommend it to anyone who loves fairies and fairytales. I liked how they changed up the normal story of Cinderella into something funnier and different.’
Ins, age 10

 ‘We really enjoyed this modern twist, a fab retelling of a classic fairytale! I read this to my daughter at bedtime and she loved the illustrations that were dotted throughout...I look forward to reading Zoebot further sequels in the series.’
Read to Zoebot, age 5

‘Just finished reading this book and I really enjoyed it. Showed my class it earlier and already have a waiting list to borrow! Perfect for 6 to 9 years.  A lovely fairy tale story with a twist. Easy to read and short chapters. Lovely illustrations and a good length...Interesting characters and an adventurous, fun storyline!’
Read to Saturn, ages 7-8

‘Wow what a fabulous modern version of the traditional tale. My children loved talking about the variations in the story and the things they loved about the characters. The fairy godmother Brian really made us smile. The chapter sizes were manageable, the illustrations are fab and the text size perfect. We look forward to reading the next story. My youngest daughter is very keen to share the book with her class who have been studying traditional tales.' 
Read to Olivia, age 10 & to Aimee, age 6 

‘What a great twist on a classic story. We particularly loved the fact that this was a modern independent version of the Cinderella character who can get things done for herself. A great read.’
Fox Class, ages 7-8

‘Refreshingly funny and full of magic, adventure (and cake!), Cinders and Sparks will be enjoyed by boys and girls alike.’

Check out some of the awesome inside illustrations featured in the latest Cinders and Sparks adventure, Fairies in the Forest:

Why Toppsta readers love the Cinders and Sparks series
Book pages Placeholder Book

Cinders and Sparks: Magic at Midnight

A magic girl.
A talking dog.
Let's get this party started . . .

Cinders lives a boring life with her selfish stepsisters and mean stepmother. So when her wishes start magically coming true it's a surprise to say the least.

Then Cinders meets her fairy godmother: she's magic, she can fly, and she's called . . . Brian.

Soon, Cinders finds herself heading to the glamorous ball at the King's palace. But Brian is NOT very reliable and Cinders is NOT very good at magic. Now her life isn't boring at all - it's total chaos!

Book pages Placeholder Book

Cinders and Sparks: Fairies in the Forest

In this second hilarious Cinders and Sparks adventure, our chaotic comedy duo head for Fairyland to find Cinders's mother - and get more than they bargained for . . .

Cinders and her talking dog Sparks are on the run, in the Deep Dark Forest, after Cinders performed magic at the castle and made everyone think she was a witch. The hapless Hansel is on the run with them, but only because he ate some of an actual witch's gingerbread house and she got cross. If they can reach Fairyland, maybe they'll all be safe.

In the forest they will find three bears, a multitude of ridiculous adventures and one woman called Rapunzel in a tower. But Rapunzel may not be what she seems...

Will Hansel eat the three bears' porridge? Will Sparks offer useless advice at every turn? Will Brian the fairy godmother appear and actually help for once?

The answers are: yes, yes and no.


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