Tips on how to enjoy reading from a teenage boy


My name is Daniel, I’m 14 years old and I’m a huge bookworm! I have always held a passion for reading ever since I read ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ when I started school. Whilst I still maintain my passion for reading today, many others at my age do not. At school, we read for twenty minutes a day, which I think is great as it encourages you to extend your knowledge whilst you enjoy doing it.

I think many see reading as a chore because of their attitude: they go into the lesson where we have to read with a very bad atmosphere surrounding them but if they went in with a positive take on it, they would enjoy reading a lot more. Another factor is the books that they decide to read: many just take out any random book from the library without looking; I know this since I’m a student librarian, and they find out during the twenty minutes that the book isn’t right for them. I had a similar issue as well but, I found real enjoyment in reading the ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ series of books along with David Walliams' ‘Billionaire Boy’ (which is a book that people my age, or younger, should read!).

I also found that if you get a book out and you don’t enjoy it, you feel as if time is going really slowly whereas if you get a book that you enjoy, it feels like you’ve only read for a minute as it immerses you into a world where there are no limits. 

But what should you do when you run out of books that look appealing to you? Our library is almighty small and I don’t take an interest in many of the books but with that being said, there’s a whole world of books waiting for you if you look around. Next time you come across a charity shop, pop in as they are always filled aloft with books – in the past I’ve been able to buy the set of  the ‘Elementia Chronicles’ for £1.50! They may seem like a place for people to dump their stuff but if you are prepared to be patience, it will be rewarding! 

Another tip I would recommend that will help you read is your passion. For example, I am a rather big fan of the motorsport Formula 1 and I use that to my advantage. If I see a book about it in a charity shop, or whist I’m at the car boot sale, I will grab it – as they’re less than a pound in most cases – and I find them informative as well as fascinating! This stretches to other sports such as football or cycling as well. If your passion is to do something such as cooking, there are tons of autobiographies and biographies you may find interesting. Obviously, if you’re a younger book worm, this sort of book will be beyond your skill but you can still find many new series of books you may enjoy!

If you’re in town and there’s a bookshop, pop in and have a browse as well. Our local bookshop, for example, is bright and colourful and I’ve got to know the staff well. If they get a book in that I might enjoy, they make a note of this next time I’m in. 

For those wondering, I am reading a Formula 1 book at the moment, which probably isn’t surprising, but the tales within it are fascinating so even if you don’t hold a passion for motorsports, it may still be a good read. It’s ‘Motor Racing's Strangest Races: Extraordinary but True Stories from Over a Century of Motor Racing’ by Geoff Tibballs.

That concludes my post for today and I hope that I’ve helped you to decide upon what book you might read next. If you’re still stuck on what to read next, have a look at the other posts here on the Toppsta blogas they are filled with books that might lead you onto a life of reading.

Tips on how to enjoy reading from a teenage boy

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