Q & A with author and illustrator Jonny Lambert


Our reviewers LOVED the gorgeous picture book, Look Out, it's a Dragon! by author and illustrator Jonny Lambert (of Tiger Tiger fame). The publishers (Little Tiger Press) offered the opportunity for one reviewer to ask Jonny 10 questions and we chose Sabrina (age 4) who asked the following questions, with a bit of help from her Mummy.

Q & A with author and illustrator Jonny Lambert

1. Do you have a favourite animal to draw?

I like drawing all sorts of animals, but my favourites by far are Elephants.

2. When did you start writing stories? 

I wrote my first stories when I was 4. That was also when I started to draw.

3. What were your favourite picture books when you were little?

I loved reading Rupert...still do. But also adventure stories, such as Jungle Book.

4. We loved the colours in you're illustrations, what did you use draw them?

I use a water-colour paint called, Gouache. I scrape the colours through cut out shapes, and splodge on textures using any object. Once the paint is dried, I add detail with coloured pencils.

5. Which came first for you, writing or drawing?

They both seemed to happen together, but learning to draw and paint with my Grandpa came first.

Q & A with author and illustrator Jonny Lambert
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6. Why did you choose blue for Saffie the Dragon?

Because dragons like jewels, I thought she could be coloured like a Sapphire. Which also gave me her name.

7. How did you think of the insult 'knobbly knickers'? It makes us laugh a lot!

I imagined...what would happen if I was sat on by a lumpy, bumpy bottom, and how I'd respond.
Shouting 'Knobbly Knickers' sounded just right!

8. How long  does it take you to write a book?

The idea is usually comes quickly, but getting it right can take a while. I rewrite quite a few times, to make sure I find the right words to use, and work closely with my editor to adjust and refine the story.

9. Do you have any children? Do they help you think of ideas for your stories?

Yes, I have a daughter. She was the reason why I started to create Children's books. We used to make up stories together, but never write them down. That way we could change the beginning, middle and endings as many times as we wished...before bed time!

10. Do you have any more books coming out soon?

I do. I'm very lucky to have a publisher who wishes me to write and draw more books, and my next book is about an angry lion cub.

Q & A with author and illustrator Jonny Lambert
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Look Out, It's a Dragon!

You can find out more about Look Out! It's a Dragon and all the reviews here. 

Saffi isn't like other dragons. She doesn't enjoy crushing castles and capturing princesses. But when she finds the perfect new home, how can she persuade her new neighbours that she is a helpful sort of dragon? This is a humorous and heart-warming tale about bravery, overcoming prejudices and finding new friends.

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