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19th December 2017


Toppsta is designed as a community for anyone and everyone to share their thoughts on children's books. Our ethos is, we host the party and the guests can chat and share their children's book recommendations with each other. We're particularly interested in what children think of our books (though we don't much mind who writes the review!). Outside of Toppsta there are a ton of brilliantly written children's book blogs by mums, dads, teachers, librarians and more, and we love reading those too. Here's a selection of our favourites from this year. 

Picture Books Blogger - The Book Collector  

Mum-to-3, wife-to-1, Sarah is a self-confessed picture book fanatic. She believes that picture books are not just for children and she wants to transmit her love for good stories. We love her enthusiasm for books.

Picture Books Blogger

Library Mice - The Illustrated Specialist

Mélanie is a mother of two, French and a school librarian. She has recently graduated with an MA in Children's Literature and her particular interest is in picture books and other illustrated works.  

Library Mice

Minerva Reads - Reading Specialist

Minerva Reads is aimed at parents, teachers and librarians who work or have children, aged between 5 and 14 years old. The blog has been running since 2014 and is run by a primary school librarian who also works for an educational consultancy as a reading specialist.

Minerva Reads

Mamma Filz - Books and Pre-School Fun

As a primary school teacher and a mum, Filza has witnessed the benefits of sharing books and the sheer enjoyment they can bring. With her blog she wants to inform readers of the many diverse, fun and engaging stories available.

Mamma Filz

Acorn Books - Books and Book Activities

Acorn Books is run by a mum of two young boys and reflects the stories they enjoy together and the activities the books inspire. There are also authors’ interviews and literary events they've attended as a family. 

Acorn Books

Along Came Poppy - The Mini Reviewers 

Along Came Poppy is a family blog written by Kate with the help of her three Mini Reviewers - Izzie (6), Theo (3) and Poppy (2). They started the blog in 2016 to record their family's 366 books in 366 days reading challenge and continue to share the books they love and how they fit into their lives. 

Along Came Poppy

Andy Seed - The Children's Author

Andy Seed is a children's author of humorous non-fiction books. His blog focuses on visually appealing books that are easily digestible to reluctant readers. He also set up a vlog called Hatman Reads to recommend good children's books, along with puzzles and jokes. 

Andy Seed

Read it Daddy - The Dad and his Daughter  

Read it Daddy is a children's book blog by Phil and his daughter taking a look at the best and brightest children's books with a particular focus on middle grade. We really like their funny, honest opinions. 

Read it Daddy

Book Lover Jo - The Book Advisor

Jo is a primary school librarian with two bookworms aged 9 and 11. She started writing her blog after regularly being asked for recommendations from parents, teachers and children at school. Her goal is to inspire children to read widely and discover new and exciting books.

Book Lover Jo

The Bear and the Fox - The Family Blog

Jenni is based in Edinburgh and shares family friendly recipes, crafts, travel tips, and reviews of toys, games and books. Her Friday 5 book round-up is particularly good and focuses on specific themes and topics.

The Bear and the Fox

Library Girl and Book Boy - The Book Discoverer 

Jo is a teacher, parent and book-lover who believes that there’s the right book out there for everybody. The aim of her blog is to introduce readers to books they may not have come across before. 

Library Girl and Book Boy 

Reading Rocks - A Shared Knowledge 

Reading Rocks grew from a community of teachers, teaching assistants and librarians talking about reading in primary schools. The blog is a great resource for ideas on using books in the classroom and at home.

Reading Rocks

Book Bairn - Where Reading is Celebrated

Kim has always loved reading and her blog explores her daughters' favourite books and shares how they have created a home that celebrates reading in every corner. Now Bookbairn has a little brother, The Wee Page Turner, so double the fun!

Book Bairn

Chouett - The YA Lover

Virginie is proof that you don't have to read as a child, to fall in love with reading as an adult. A relative newcomer to books, her blog focuses mainly on YA books and she is active in the blogging community.


Over 40 and Mum to One - The Family Adventures 

Mary runs a family, lifestyle and travel blog where she shares her adventures and the things they like to see, do and read with her 8 year old son.

Over 40 and a Mum to One

Books for Boys - Books her sons have enjoyed

Louise has two little sons and knows a lot about how to let boys love reading! She wants to share her enthusiasm with her blog's readers, helping  parents and carers of boys to find exciting authors and stories to share with their sons. 

Books for Boys

Rachel Bustin - Family Life Unscripted 

Rachel lives in Cornwall with her husband Dave, her 22 month old daughter and is currently expecting baby number 2! She uses her blog to share family stories, tips and book reviews, particularly in the 0-3 year old range.

Rachel Bustin

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