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It’s time to get drastic with plastic! Be part of the conservation conversation with Plastic Sucks! Day.

If you’re looking for a one-stop guide to help you:

• Take action NOW • Cut down on your plastic use • Help protect the environment AND • Team up with your mates to help SAVE the planet

Then look no further: Plastic Sucks! is the book for you. Dougie Poynter was a key player in the campaign to ban microbeads – but there’s still work to be done. Join him on a mission to kick plastic to the kerb, once and for all. Plastic Sucks! is packed full of helpful tips and tricks, easy swaps and solutions, amazing facts about your world, and loads of awesome people who are already making a difference. You could be next to join the mission to save our Earth!

It’s time to get drastic with plastic. It fills up our oceans, endangers our wildlife and never goes away. Our world is at risk and we need to do something about it.

We've teamed up with Macmillan Children’s Books to offer a Plastic Sucks! Day pack to 50 lucky schools. To celebrate the release of this important, optimistic new non-fiction book, we're offering schools and libraries the chance to host their own Plastic Sucks! Day throughout September and October. These packs will give you all you need to host your day, and educate young people on the plastic problem, while inspiring them to take action and make a difference.

Packs will include:

  • x1 How to run a Plastic Sucks! Day guide/print-out including tips, tricks and ideas
  • x3 Plastic Sucks! posters
  • x5 Plastic Sucks! samplers 
  • x10 Plastic Sucks! star/sticker cards

For your chance to win a free Plastic Sucks! pack, enter here:

If you order a Plastic Sucks! Day pack please feel free to share photos (if possible) on social media using #PlasticSucksDay and #PlasticSucks and tagging @MacmillanKidsUK and @Toppsta

Get a free Plastic Sucks! pack for your school
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Plastic Sucks! You Can Make A Difference

How can YOU help save our planet? This awesome and inspiring guide, written by musician and environmental activist Dougie Poynter, will show you how to get involved in the mission to cut out single-use plastic.

As a lifelong supporter of environmental causes and a key player in the campaign to ban microbeads in the UK, Dougie is always on the hunt for ways to reduce and replace plastic. This campaigning book, his first solo authored project, draws on his own experiences in the fight against plastic waste - the problems he's encountered and the solutions he's found. It covers the history of plastic, introduces us to some key campaigners and eco entrepreneurs and is full of top tips and infographics.

The clear and easy steps in Plastic Sucks! You Can Make a Difference show us how we can all make small changes and become champions for our planet.

Includes contributions from:
- Adam Lowry, founder of Method
- Amanda Keetley, founder of Less Plastic UK
- Anna Cummins and Marcus Eriksen, founders of 5 Gyres
- Blue Ollis
- Dara McAnulty
- Edwin Broni-Mensah, founder of GiveMeTap
- Emily Penn
- James Robson and Andy Bool, Sea Life and Sea Life Trust
- Jonathon Porritt
- Josh White and Perry Fielding, co-founders of CanO Water
- Kate Arnell
- Lauren St John
- Lucy Woodall
- Will Travers, president of Born Free


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