Children love Judith Kerr’s new young fiction story


We’ve fallen in love with The Curse of the School Rabbit – the fantastically funny and beautifully illustrated new young fiction story from the one and only Judith Kerr and it seems children across the country have too – check out some of the wonderful Toppsta reviews for this laugh-out-loud story below:

‘The final book from the late, much-loved children's author Judith Kerr does not disappoint!...The Curse of the School Rabbit had both of us laughing from the start, yet it balances the funny parts with the realities and difficulties which life can sometimes throw at us. My daughter said: "I'm giving this one FIVE STARS.”…A wonderful closing piece from a fantastic author.’
Read to LittlePeach, age 4

‘I really enjoyed this long story by Judith Kerr…This book made me laugh, made me worried and made me happy. I really liked the last page.’
EFiglet, age 7

‘This is such a lovely book I read to my daughter. I think lots of young children will enjoy this book as kids love tales of mischievous things. Another great read from Judith Kerr.’
Read to Avawildman, age 6

‘It’s a gentle paced story with a happy ending and a rabbit that wees on people - what’s not to like?’
Read to Mr T, age 8

‘Harriet found this book really funny, loving the silly humour. The different styles/formats and lovely illustrations were really engaging and helped to hold her attention. We also liked that it was exciting and adventurous with a strong female lead. Great book!!’
Read to BabyBramble, age 6

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Children love Judith Kerr’s new young fiction story
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The Curse of the School Rabbit

The brand new, laugh-out-loud story of a boy, a rabbit, and a lot of bad luck, from the one and only Judith Kerr, creator of The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Mog the Forgetful Cat...

It all started with the school rabbit...

Snowflake is the school rabbit, and Snowflake is TROUBLE.

At least that's what Tommy thinks, and when Snowflake is unexpectedly left for him to look after and EVERYTHING starts to go wrong, it looks like Tommy might be right. Even if he is getting more pocket money for feeding it and might be able to afford a new bike after all...

And with a sick sister left in bed, a snobby actor left with suspiciously damp trousers, and no rabbit anywhere to be seen, Tommy can see his hopes of a new bike disappearing as fast as Snowflake.

Will Snowflake turn up, and turn out to be more good luck than bad? Or are Tommy and his family DOOMED by the curse of the school rabbit?

A fantastically funny and exquisitely illustrated new young fiction title from the iconic Judith Kerr, this is the perfect story for boys and girls of six plus to read alone or with their family.


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