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We love nothing more than reading a book review from a child. Hearing about why they've enjoyed a book is fascinating and they always make us stop and think about the book again. 

The Toppsta community write brilliant book reviews on our website, but we also know how keen teachers are to encourage critical thinking in the classroom (or at home!). So here are two bookreview templates for kids free for you to download and print. 

You can also encourage children to check out their favourite book on Toppsta to see some book review examples.

Book Review Template

Find the best children’s book review template for you

  • "My Favourite Book in 5 words" is a perfect KS1 book review template, but it can also be used to encourage book cover creativity in KS2. 
  • "My Book Review" is probably more appropriate as a book review template for KS2.

Both allow the pupil to colour in the number of the stars they'd give the book (which the kids seem to love!). 

  • Toppsta children’s book review template – if your child prefers to write their reviews by hand, simply use this handy printable template and then you can enter their review onto our site using your login. 

I've also included a downloadable “How to write a book review template”. They're all A4 size when printed and can be used for fiction or non-fiction book reviews or as longer book report templates.

Just click on each image to download your printable book review template!

Book Review Template
KS1 Book Review Template
My Favourite Book in 5 Words Book Review Template
My Book Review Template KS2
Book Review Template KS2
How to Write a Book Review Template
How to write a book review
Toppsta Children's Book Review Template
Toppsta Children's Book Review Template

18th July 2022

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