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Wrote a Review 21st March '15

Book pages The Forgotten Puppy
The Forgotten Puppy
Read to a child aged 6
The story fully engaged my 6 year old, she was able to read it herself and understand the content. She thoroughly enjoyed the storyline even prompting her to pick the book up and read it alone.

Wrote a Review 21st March '15

Book pages Monkey on the Moon
Monkey on the Moon
Read to children aged 4 , 6 & 7
The story was simple to follow and the illustrations were eyecatching. My 4 year old had great fun with the pop up pictures. She laughed at the silly things that happened.

Wrote a Review 1st December '14

Book pages The Queen's Hat
The Queen's Hat
Read to children aged 4 & 6
The illustrations were amazing. The story was simple enough for my four year old but interesting enough (with all the London landmarks) for my 6 and 9 year old to learn from.

Wrote a Review 1st October '14

Book pages Dear Zoo
Dear Zoo
Read to a child aged 3
We loved the simplicity of the book and that my child can interact and make little stories of her own eg the monkey is naughty so my 4year old proceeds to tell me it pinched her banana!(It doesn't pinch a banana) Every animal piques her imagination. She has made me read it that much that the final page went missing, fear not tho we know the words off by heart now :)