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Was read to me 24th April '18

Ruby Rides An Elephant
Author: Ruby Lovell
Bright colourful book. Rather short story-but boys love to hear about other countries and loved seeing how you can get on a ladder to climb on an elephants back!

Was read to me 13th April '18

Horace and Harriet: Take on the Town
Author: Clare Elsom
great funny illustrations, and an amusing story, if a little long winded.

Was read to me 17th March '18

Stone Age Tales: The Great Monster
Author: Terry Deary
My son is a huge horrible histories fan, so I knew this book would appeal. Great illustrations, interesting stories, and lots of humour, as you would expect.
My son liked the fact files that were interspersed throughout, giving context and insights into the fictional story.

Was read to me 17th March '18

George's Marvellous Medicine
Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
You really can't beat Roald Dahl for entertaining stories that really tap into a child's imagination. I loved this as a child and decided it was time to introduce my sons to it-one chapter per night (though they did beg for more usually!) The grandma character is hideous, and you can't help be on George's side as he concocts his medicine-though as an adult I was also slightly appalled, and underlined to the children what is also says at the front of the book-DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! Not a very long read, but a story that lingers in the imagination long after.

Was read to me 17th March '18

The Strongest Mum
Author: Nicola Kent
This book contains lovely brightly coloured illustrations. The message is quite touching- the mother carries more and more things, and eventually just one small extra thing proves too much to bear (pardon the pun). Her family rally round to help mum recover, and it isn't too long before she is back on her feet, but the smaller bear try to help out a bit more! My youngest son in particular loved this book, and found the characters engaging, and enjoyed counting all the items mummy bear had to carry.