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Was read to me 9th November '16

The Chicken That Hatched a Cow!
Author: Adam Bestwick Illustrator: Claire Evans
What a fantastic book! Everything you want to keep your little ones absorbed. Bright, appealing illustrations full of charm and character, a rhyming narrative and oodles of humour! My children were giggling away with each page. BIG, MASSIVE thumbs up from us. Love, love, love. Think we have found a new favourite read! 

Was read to me 5th November '16

Ollie's Christmas Reindeer
Author: Nicola Killen
A short, simple story about a little girl who finds a reindeer and has a magical flight across the night skies. The story is made a bit more special by the beautiful illustrations, cut outs and silver embellishment across the pages. A fun, festive book for the younger ones that would be perfect tucked into those Christmas Eve boxes. 

Was read to me 1st November '16

Bob and the River of Time
Author: James Garner
What an absolute gem of a book! We only received this today, but my son has looked at it so many times already and is STILL discovering new things. Packed to the brim with wonderful illustrations and interesting facts. A simple story of Bob, who one day goes for a ride in his rowing boat and encounters a time travelling adventure throughout the seasons, meeting a variety of creatures and plants. The detail absolutely astounds me and even I have learned new things. Big, huge, massive thumbs up! 

Was read to me 25th October '16

The Storm Whale in Winter
Author: Benji Davies
The illustrations are so lovely and has a heartwarming narrative, but did feel it was a bit lacking in story. Very short, not much happened and unfortunately not really enough detail to keep my 4 year old absorbed like he does with most stories. Perhaps if we had read 'The Storm Whale'  (the first book in this series), we may have felt a bit more sentiment towards the characters and understood the friendship between Noi and the his whale friend. 

Was read to me 11th October '16

Marvin Wanted MORE!
Author: Joseph Theobald Illustrator: Joseph Theobald
My children love the Marvin books, so purchasing this one was a no brainer. Marvin the sheep has a lovely life in the field and a lovely friend named Molly who likes him just as he is. But Marvin is somewhat dissatisfied and wants to be bigger, so he eats and eats and eats. Before long he eats the whole world and everything in it....he is certainly bigger, but finds himself very alone. He starts to feel unwell and next thing you know...BLURGHHHHHHHH!! His stomach ejects all this matter and everything returns to as it was. The moral is obviously to love who you are, but the overall story is quite a silly one and this is what my children thoroughly enjoy. Ah the joys of bodily fluids! Fun narrative, bright and punchy illustrations and a loveable character. We love it!