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Was read to me 30th April '18

Alfie and Bet's ABC: A pop-up alphabet book
Author: Patricia Hegarty Illustrator: Maddie Frost
My three year old is obsessed with letters so this was the perfect book for him! He will sit for ages having a look at the pictures and trying to say his letters!

The illustrations are lovely too - lots to talk about to your toddler in the book! 

Was read to me 11th January '18

Bing's Christmas Wish
What a gorgeous book!  My Theo loved it just as much as he loves the TV programme!!

Was read to me 4th November '17

Big Book
Oh my, we adore this book!  Its big, yes, but my toddler can lay on it or sit and read it!  Despite its size he can still turn the pages.  Very good reflection of the programme, educational and of course all the characters are featured!

My son adores it!

Was read to me 30th June '17

Words: First 100 Soft to Touch
Author: Roger Priddy
Love this book.  My son is actually two and has speech delay and this is so helpful for him.  He loves looking at the pictures and I can just simply say what the picture is so he can develop his speech and understanding.  

Was read to me 5th March '17

That's Not My Dinosaur
Authors: Fiona Watt , Rachel Wells
As with all of this series of books, this is a hit. However I think the shiny material within book has made this my sons favourite! 

Lots of repetitive phrases which helps him learn.