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Was read to me 5th April '18

The Strongest Mum
Author: Nicola Kent
This is a lovely story about a much-loved Mum who carries everything on her own. She shoulders the weight of the bag, the shopping, the bike, the kid and everyone else’s burdens too until one day it all comes crashing down. And Mum has to have a rest in her bed. And ask for help. And rest. This is a poignant reminder for us adults to ask for help to lighten our load (physical or emotional) and for littles it’s a story about appreciating that even the strongest need help sometimes. The colours are awesome and the illustrations are so cute! 

Was read to me 16th October '17

That's not my unicorn...
Author: Fiona Watt Illustrator: Rachel Wells
Equally as brilliant as the other books in the series! And with beautiful foil-edged pages! Love it!