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Was read to me 29th December '18

The Last Book Before Bedtime
Author: Nicola O'Byrne Illustrator: Nicola O'Byrne
Santa gave this book to our youngest who is 2...turns out it is a it with both our 2 year old & 7 year old. Both of them love it. A twist on classic fairytales, and gorgeous illustrations. 

Was read to me 11th December '18

Busy Nativity
Author: Emily Bolam Illustrator: Emily Bolam
We love the "busy" series. This book is another great one in the series. It is short enough to keep young kids engaged and as always with busy books has bits for them to interact with. We love this book, and my eldest even reads it to her little sister without any prompting. Very good, concise version of nativity for young kids!  

Was read to me 6th December '18

Grandpa Christmas
Author: Michael Morpurgo Illustrator: Jim Field
We read this book as a family. It went over our 2 year olds head, but our almost 7 year old got it & has read it herself since, and taken it into school as their project is all about the environment this term and looking after it. She loved how it was encouraging us to look after our planet. The illustrations are beautiful.  

Was read to me 24th October '18

Busy Halloween
Author: Louise Forshaw Illustrator: Louise Forshaw
We have a few of the busy books series. I find they help my kids understand things that us adults often take for granted in a fun way which helps prepare them, like what things happen at airports. My youngest freaks out at anything remotely scary, so this book has been great at helping prepare us for halloween - since we have got it in the past week we no longer need to avoid the halloween aisle in Asda. I wouldn't say we are quite at the stage of going to a halloween party yet but still a few days left to prepare her for it! It makes light of what can sometimes seem quite scary to young kids. Thanks Topsta! 

Was read to me 1st October '18

You Choose!
Author: Pippa Goodhart Illustrator: Nick Sharratt
My youngest & I have started reading this book at bedtime. We normally do one page a night, and discuss each animal / house etc. It is such a great book for getting kids to notice things / learn describing words etc. Even my eldest who is almost 7 loves it.